February 2022 - SGG Please Help!

I don’t want to speak for all calendar creators, but I’ll say that I am really struggling to figure out when/what is coming in Feb. It’s clear that everyone is excited for the new content coming and wants to plan ahead. But if I were to publish a Feb calendar right now, it would have a lot of guesswork. I don’t want to steer other players wrong, which is why I have advocated for not publishing Feb calendars yet, but we can’t wait indefinitely.

Is there a “pre-release” reason why we haven’t gotten further details about Feb calendar? We do know the dates for W3K and Soul Exchange, just not the rest of the month (S2, S3, S4, Challenge event, Tower, Mythic Titan).

Can we find a balance between the need to maintain some level of secrecy prior to release and the interests of the players to know where they may want to spend their gems/time/etc? Knowing what’s coming is a source of excitement and generates interest.

@Petri I’m sorry to tag you directly, and I’m sure you are all super busy with the large beta that just opened, but can I please request some details?

Thank you!!


We are on it, it should be released in the coming days. Schedule for Soul Exchange & War of Three Kingdoms Global Beta have been already announced: Version 45 Release Notes & Status.


Thank you!! It helps to know to expect an official one from SGG. I am very grateful that you all have decided to help the players with that info each month lately.


Thank you so so much for help us request this details @VeryQuietly !


It’s not in English, but it will help for now i guess


Thank you so much @Yanitsa <3


Olá, boa tarde! Calendário não oficial, aguardando confirmação das datas dos eventos (Taberna das Lendas, Circus), datas dos portais de temporadas e seus respectivos destaques. Este calendário foi criado baseado nos ciclos normais, como tivemos introdução de novos eventos e um provável final da quarta temporada, este calendário está passivo de diversas mudanças. Agradeço a compreensão de todos.

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