February 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

Let’s be serious here. We know that SG developers can’t code anything over 4000 HP. 10000 HP would crash the game and introduce bugs that will take longer to fix than Alfrikke’s cube bug.

So… I was a little annoyed with the Santa Nerf to begin with, but had made peace with it (as in sucked it up ad moved on). But with the Roll Out of the Three Kingdom Heros (annoyed me enough to create a Login on here just so i could ask for the logic because for the life of me i cant find any)… Their attack combined with the Minions… Remind me again how Santa was “OP”??? He doesnt hold a candle these new Heros. They have 3 star Heros that can summon single minions that are Stronger than Santa’s (yes i get the single vs party but i’d counter with 5 star vs 3 star), and 5 Stars like Zhuge Liang that make Santa look like a decent 4 Star hero. I enjoy the game, but really really find it hard to ‘find joy’ when faced with things like this. Please help me understand the logic in this (and please dont insult me with the “we dont have data yet” arguement when you it doesnt take a person with a Masters Degree in analytics to do a side by side comparison. I get a “family” nerf, but now with that AND the individual nerf, one would have to run a heavy Winter Fam team to COME CLOSE to the current “stand alone” heros.)


I just hate how they keep repeating (follow-up post, and even March 2022 balance update post) the non-sense… it is as if they stand in the front of a mirror and keep saying to themselves “what we did was necessary, what we did was right”, and eventually may believe it, and feel good about themselves.

I understand that there is (some) truth in their monitoring data (more diversity achieved, Christmas heroes not totally sucking). But that is quite totally besides the point, in my opinion.

I am totally tired of trying to discuss here on the forum, and also mostly tired of the game.

This is kind of a farewell post (but I will get back to topic in the end). This January was probably my best (most enjoyable) month of E&P, my totally insane pursuit of Krampus finally paid of, and I had finally something that was in remotely the same league as many of the over powered heroes I must face every day in raids and wars. After the … move they did, and after initial rage and disgust, I mostly stopped caring about the game. I will never again pay a penny, I cancel my community involvement plans (was to translate and release some tools). I may still play casually, I have “invested” so very very much after all. I might get some enjoyment out still.

Well, uh. Last time, my final (kind of retrospective) points about this Feb 2022 disaster:

  • Original Krampus was OK for a full year.
  • They release the costume which is clearly better, very desirable. Not overly so, because there are many (just almost impossible to get and thus rarer) better heroes in the game.
  • Players go out of their way to get the Krampus, or to get the costume even if they had vanilla Krampus before.

In my opinion (and I feel very stronly about this) those points combined result to: There is no possibility, ever, that SGG had the moral right to make the costume worse than what the original pre-nerf Krampus was. Yet they do. The costume is now internally broken (stats and stuff just don’t make sense) weakling compared to what was released. And clearly worse than what the original Krampus was, a suicider with very hard to (fully) utilize attack buff. Yeah, they are right that it is still “quite OK” hero, but that is so much besides all the points.

What they did was worse than somewhat repetitive raiding experiences (which would have eventually changed due to normal progression, and if they absolutely insisted, with some minor nerfing).

And the cherry on the top: They keep releasing OP heroes, keep releasing many of them and then buff them. Just because not so many players have been (or will be) lucky or insane enough to get them, so they are “OK”.

I am tired of this … stuff. Good bye.


Whenver any new hero releases i never bother to have them or dont go after them and spend huge money i just wait and watch them to come by me with very very cheap spendings… If i didnt get them i dont get panic coz after few days either they nerf or release some other op heros !!


In a way, I adopt same strategy, if they don’t come in time, now I simply wait for their costumes…

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Actually the best way to enjoy this stuff is to wait and watch no bothering spending huge…

I agree with what you said and felt the same thing while reading the news about the new balance changes.

I don’t know if the metrics they’re looking at include attack. Maybe on defense C Krampus still performs ok. But on offense, he’s a lot weaker than he used to be. To the point I have no intention to use the costume side ever again.

I’m not sure they understand how frustrating this whole thing is. If they do understand, even worse. It means they don’t care.

The fact people barely say anything anymore about C Krampus’ nerf doesn’t mean they are fine with it. In some cases it just means they are caring less and less about the game. And that’s an even bigger problem.

I don’t feel like fighting about this anymore, since it’s not going to change anything. But I can’t help but to feel disappointment. I’m still playing, but my excitement about the game has gone down for sure.

It’s been a while since I spoke about this, but I had to reply to your post because it really resonates with me.


I felt really down after telluria/vela. I don’t spend much on the game so it was like they ripped out the heart of my team. It takes a while… But eventually the hurt subsides.

Im sooo glad they Nerfed Santa’s minions because they were sooo OP…


Unbelievable isn’t it ?!


Buddy’s too. :pensive:

20 power creeps

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