February 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

They really seem to focus on heroes that are defensive heroes… primarily offensive heroes seem to get a pass… not saying that is right… but it seems to be something we can plan for. oh… new defensive hero that is crazy overpowered… maybe I don’t sell the farm for that guy.

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If I were to complain it would be off-topic in regards to costumes. And how those are relegated to heroes at the back of the bus, but still cost a great deal of moolah!

While the actual balance updates…
Go to shiny new toys…

I also played old games by Blizzard.
For $50, I enjoyed gaming at its finest.
For years!
And Blizzard did not go hungry…

I admit…
I am lacking information about where all the money is going, and why there has been such a heavy focus to drive expensive meta’s in rapid succession? They need so much more money? Why?!?!

Only to have to nerf a costume

That was applied to a card…

On it’s 2nd outing…!

After 1 month… talk about volatile

That isn’t over. There’s plenty more where that came from!

Yes… I am frustrated. Not because the boards are rigged or the portals are stingy.
Mostly because they chose costumes to repair the damage that lucrative portals cause.

So some will labor to save players from their own rosters and lecture them how to play.

I will labor to save them from opening their wallets! I never really liked #nospend. It’s kind of… dictating.
For a few days more…
I lay out the past, present and future. Let others decide for themselves. Yeah it’s repetitive. Sorry about that. Look around tho… repetitive is a disease for this match-3

Just a few days more and I have to pull the plug

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Yeah… read this thread:

Look who warned about it’s strength,
But was met with many,
"meh… the original is better"

The community has come together in the past.
Maybe there is something else afoot.
Something in plain sight, driving us
To go for the throat
Locally, globally,
Almost on a cellular level…
We are no longer allowed to disagree


cKrampus was too strong, but the nerf was exaggerated. And should have never have included changing it’s class.

I’d have reduced the duration of cKrampus’ buffs (to 2 or 3 turns, pending testing) and its armor.

Then I’d make Mr Pengi average (or slow, pending testing) speed.

The minions were too meaty, and they were right about nerfing them in a way that affects teams with 3 or 4 Xmas legendaries.

But they should then buff the rare and epic Xmas heroes Minions.

If this proved to not be enough, then I’d tweak Mr Pengi damage numbers.

I’m guessing you didn’t pull pengi. He is a big hitter… But he is still a dependent hero. If others don’t go off, then he is just a decent sniper.

SG gave more details on the changes

Good communication. I doubt it will change anyone’s opinion. I would be interested in seeing the stats they mention, but I understand why they are not shared.


What I see is… they wrote down the same thing in many paragraphs now… “Statistics, metrics, charts”… Didn’t solve anything.

Not to mention, the exact same thing can happen basically anytime from now on.

Not convincing at all. I’m more than sad.


The update is still appreciated
i still think they went overboard with the nerfs. 3 turns were enough to start.

Santa, buddy, frosty and rodulph shouldn’t be nerfed at all.

but in general i think they should consider reverting old nerfs at least partially to repair the old damage (telluria, vela, guinevere… etc)


SGG will never share their data. It will open up the proverbial can of worms.

That explanation should have been added as a preamble to the February update. That will not stem the outpouring of “heated response” but it will slow it down. Some players will just nod and move on.

While this effort to communicate is appreciated, once again SGG “put the cart before the horse”. Then went “oh yah” and proceeded to “right the situation”.

But yeah … their formal reply is appreciated. Hope this never happens again.


I think they tried to answer most qns

However they left out one…

How are they going to compensate players that spent hard earned money chasing the hero only for it to be nerfed few months after release?


SGG did not compensate Tell N Vela owners beyond those emblems. They didn’t even give out a free reset emblem in their “compensation”. Not in the first round or second round of compensation. Last round of compensation was even sadder.

Some players had no reset emblem to transfer emblems from Tell to another tank. They had to use gems. They lost 5% of their 1500 emblems: 75 emblems!

If SGG issues out monetary compensation for Xmas family, then they will need to give out the same to Tell/Vela owners.


thanks for starting this discussion, @Ruskin505

I do think it’s a positive that SG is sharing their thinking.

I haven’t digested it enough to comment on the merits of said thinking yet…

agree with you and @BlackZed , I do appreciate their formal reply and at least an attempt is now made. But, indeed,

  1. better to have shared this earlier, when the nerf was announced
  2. best to have discussed this in Beta, and tested the planned nerfs in Beta… that’s what Beta is for isn’t it?

I am pleased that SG has taken notice of the feedback re Frosty, Rudolph and Buddy being unfairly hit.



The thing that was clear to me in reading that clarification was that these to them were EMERGENCY balance changes. That meant they had to throw the switch fast and worry about the rest later. That would negate using beta to test and when beta didn’t uncover the problem how could it be used to test the solution? And it seems the situation was moving so fast they didn’t have the bandwidth to write all that in the moment they had to stop the problem ASAP.

Quoted from the announcement:

“We agree that maintaining a slow drip of good new Heroes and letting the meta naturally rotate towards them is the ideal way of keeping the top end of the game fresh — it’s exactly how we go about things most of the time.”

No further comment


Yeah, this follow-up “explained a lot”, but meh, u can say C.Krampus is OP or whatever, but it is SGG decision to release it, beta tester warned about it when it was in beta test, even forum users warned about it in discussion page, and SGG still release it without any change, and after 2 months, SGG finally find out C.Krampus is too good in their opinion, so they nerfed it without any proper compensation and act like they did nothing wrong? All BS.

Stop using excuses like SGG only nerfed C.Krampus, the original Krampus is still a beast with costume bonus blah blah blah, come on, a lot of players choose to buy offers and chase C.Krampus, some of them even have the original version already, why? Because we all want a 4 rounds taunter, not a stupid 1% mana speed costume bonus. But after 2 months, all the money are wasted, and u want players accept it with a smile face?

And finally, give players that affected by this change a proper compensation, or SGG really think that flasks can cover all the wasted resources? If giving all players some hams and irons and aethers will crash the “game economy”, can’t SGG just give the compensation only to those who have C. Krampus? Or make a nerfed heroes reset event, throw in a fully leveled affected heroes, system will reset it and give players a level 1 heroes + 80% or 90% resources used? Since i don’t think C.Krampus will be the last hero that get big hammer, i think there is a need for such event in the future. There are a lot of ways to make situation better, it just depends on SGG want to do it or not.


Imho they didn’t cover that well the beta thing, I’ll be more interested in the fine tuning process and beta feedback (even if I don’t want to partecipate in beta program because… you know…)
I’m also REALLY curious about their metrics, because imho game designers has no effing clue about what game and meta is (at least in the mid-high range). I mean, they said that counters were uneffective against xmas, did they take into account ascension, emblems and LB? Because I can see clearly a 3.70 viscaro/grimble with low troops underperform, or at least have some trouble.

Also, there are two more points they fail to cover. “Buddy, Rudolph and frosty are casualties of the family bonus update”
I agree, and while I think the family bonus nerf was an overkill the solution is simple and straightforward: buff those heroes minions to compensate the nerf. There’s no risk in overbuffing, as they were NEVER predominants in some game modes, and if that’s your fear I don’t see the point in releasing treevil, Franz, alfrike, ecc.
Moreover, why did you buff most recent event Heroes, that weren’t even supposed to counter xmas defenses? What’s the link between the two?

Not to me. I’m so disillusioned that those are just empty words (Chuck Schuldiner’s quote intended)


Lol compared to their “patriarchal toned” communication with regard to Tell/Vela, this follow up to the Feb 2022 nerf is wondrously amiable and engaging (at least I think that’s their intention).

On its own, this Feb 2022 update is a desperate bid on their part to try to re-engage players who have lost faith in them, but are still playing the game for their own reasons.

I cannot prove my suspicions: I believe that their metrics have gone south: DAU n MAU. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing this.


I strongly agree. they have been warned by the beta testers. forum party. but they still kicked him out and after getting the money from the player. they instantly destroy C krampus.
■■■■■■■■ SG

Still far from that: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Wow, go read their pathetic attempt to explain their nerf. It is basically them talking to themselves and want to feel good about it. I don’t need to read the whole post. 1 question destroy the whole argument. Why are Season4 (Elizabeth), Ninjas, Alliance Hero (Ludwig) are by far and away more OP and more dominate in raid and war defense, why are they not being “balanced?” They should be nerf long time ago in the name of “balance”. I really wish you don’t waste time posting that wall of crap that just end up contradicting yourself. Tell me with a straight face that Ruby, Ludwig are not more OP than Santa/MotherNorth. Ya? I thought so.