📯 [February 2021] Valhalla Forever -- Discussion & Portal Stats/ Summons Results!

Got my first Mist. Still missing Sumle and angry pig from S3 4*.

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How many pulls does it take to get a 5 star hero that is not a classic. Two and a half years of the game were not enough to get one hero from the second and third seasons or from the event? I lost any will to play.


I am using him on very fast 4 star tournaments if I run mono red team… Wilbur + Falcon + Sumle is devastating.

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Here is my main Epic event team.

It’s not very surprising :joy:


I did three pulls (free) today. Bjorn , Bane and Zartana weeeeeee. I’m new player so I am very excited to get her . I am almost leveled to 3-70 on Zulag but may or may not fully level Zartana once I get the final tabard necessary

So, naturally, my elemental chest spawned this morning when I should be trying to maximize Valhalla loot. Anyone have information on which Valhalla levels might be good for filling a blue elemental chest?

Can’t complain too much, though. Final free Valhalla coins spent gave me Guillinbursti (one of my targets), Bjorn, and HEIMDALL!


Best blue is 9-2, 9-4 and 9-8, E&P – Loots and Stats - Google Sheets by someone .

Congrats on pull, very nice :+1:

EDIT: I share this to my aliance member, and now updated with Valhalla Forever.

EDIT2: Valhalla Forever yellow changed to 16-6N, thanks @Sabrar, I didn’t notice 16-6 is full yellow 4 wave.


Many thanks!

20 nods of appreciation.

Single token pull


Gnomes are nice, but SG really screwed with no introduction of final surprise hero!

Was there a surprise hero in Season 2?

Seriously. Are there any bug reports yet? I played at least 30 levels without a gnome. Anyone with the same problem?


They are rare(ish) so sometimes it can take a bit for one to come. If you use all your loot tickets I am sure a few would drop.

No idea why there is a limit on how many you can farm because even playing on auto farm 24/7, it is not like you are going to get a ton.

Yes indeed. A whole Day of autofarm gave me only 4 gnomes.
Definitely the drop rate of this can go up.
Also i only want to see coins and emblems.
With this setup, atlantis is still the place to be which is not logic

1 full energy + 3 flasks + 1 gem refill = 10 gnomes for me

3x Sorcerer Emblems
5x Monk Emblems + 15 Valhalla Coins
10 Valhalla Coins
5x Dragon Bones
5x Dragon Bones
100k Medium Food Bundle
50k Small Food Bundle
5x Dragon Bones
5 Valhalla Coins

Finally got a s3 5 — Heimdall!

And since I just ascended Zeline, I’ll have mats for him in… October maybe? And Lianna gets pushed too.

But I’ll finally be able to replace Tell.



Playing the lava realm on hard and I am getting gnomes like basically in every attack. Sometimes 1, sometimes 2 in one level.

Not seen a single gnome myself. Limiting it to so many a day when they appear so rarely seems somewhat pointless.

I do like the reduced energy though.

Not done any summons, but may manage one before the end of the event if I can get enough Valhalla coins.

500k food bundle