🔵 [Feb 9, 2020] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Did this across all 3 profiles.


Decided to take Rigard this time as he is nearly maxed. Definitely had to play a lot more passively. I think when i max out my second Brienne, I am gonna take an original and her costumed variant as that will be more towards my normal playstyle. Thanks to completing the first level, Hawkmoon got to +20. So now the cleric emblems from here on out are going to Rigard. Druid emblems, idk where those are going yet.

1st alt:

Yeah, my selection for this trial on this profile is a bit funky. I made it through anyway. Emblems are going to Hawkmoon and Caedmon (or Brienne haven’t decided yet).

2nd alt:

For the amount of low level heroes I did this trial with on this profile, i was surprised I made it through.


Yeah. That 3rd stage wasn’t happenin’ with this group of misfits…


That doesn’t look like a bad team at all, you got the firepower.


Dude, I got destroyed by those final bosses. Until I can afford to make Dragon Bombs, Time Stops, etc without flinching, that one’s not happening without 5* blood.


I feel like 1 or 2 timestops is worth 16 emblems and a 3 star feeder.

You can try two types of healing pots and axes and bombs. I’m sure you can do it; it’s just whether you want to or not. For the record, I’ve been finishing the 3rd stage of all trials even with 3100 teams.

My team for this trial is Agwe 3/60, Melendor+19, Gadeirus 4/70, Boril+14, Elkanen 2/60.

I have like no firepower. Still no trouble finishing.


With Vela finished, I brought her in for Sonya. I believe this was my first time doing this one with 5 L80 heroes.

  • On the bench: Ariel, Grazul, Viv, Rigs, Gad, Mel, Gafar, Caed, Boril, Hansel, Agwe, Elk 3.70, Alb 3.70, Viking Sonya #1 and #2

I got everyone to the bosses ready to go. I unleashed everyone and then started dropping tiles. Lianna slowed down Horghall’s special, but didn’t prevent it. Zim flipped the debuff soon thereafter. Lepus knocked him down.

Then began the cyclic tile drop, heal, hold Lepus because thorns will kill him, period. I slowly whittled Boril down, finally killing him with tiles.

Lianna landed her debuff on Viv and it was quickly over.

Trainer to Kingston #2, and I am not sure what to do with the emblems. I started holding druid emblems when Vela hit beta, right now I am leaning towards giving them all to Lepus. Ma North just hit rank 18, and I don’t see giving her more.


I was going to switch out my 3/60 Hansel for a Caedmon at 4/29 but decided not to.


Just kinda yawned through this one today. Even with Viv’s strong healing, it’s not a tough fight with some mana pots and two Borils (one at 3/60). Paired them with Mel, Rigard, and Caedmon for some direct damage and additional dispelling. I did use one dragon right away to deal some damage and let the DoT burn, but I probably didn’t need to.


Love seeing Sailor Lianna in the line up!


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

Last time I said:

The Battle

Removing Ranvir and Melendor wasn’t a great idea.

It just made it even more tedious, and I had some notable peril until I finished off Horghall and Boril.

I also used more items.

I just didn’t really want to deal with Ranvir, but he really does make this one more straightforward.

Shiny New Emblems

I did my step-ups after Stage 2.

Cloud Meal

Richard ate the Trainer Hero, on his quick ascent to max while eating yellows, greens, and blues.

I just got him from TC20 12 days ago, so this has been pretty pain-free, especially since I finished Leonidas before he started getting more than blues.


My Team Last Time: Hansel(4/70), Guardian Owl(2/60), Elkanen(2/60), Ariel(4/80), Master Lepus(3/70).
My Team This Time: Lianna Costume(4/80), Guardian Owl(2/60), Ariel(4/80), Master Lepus(4/80), Elkanen(2/60).

-I brought Ariel for a healer.
-I have always found this trial difficult due to the lack of heavy hitters. Maxing Master Lepus and getting Lianna’s costume helped with that.
-I did not bring Boril for this trial.

-My team did change quite a bit since last time. I swapped Hansel out for Lianna’s costume and I maxed Master Lepus.
-Yes, costumes caused changes to my team. Lianna got to come along for this one.
-The changes to my team made the trials much easier. Maxing Master Lepus was great and I love that I can bring Lianna along. This was the last trial I still carpet bombed. I finally don’t have to do that anymore. This team still needs work though. Probably bring Hansel instead of Elkanen next time. I’d like a good yellow, but I’m not a fan of any of my options.
-I used a few battle items to finish off the bosses. That’s it.
-Hoarding the emblems for now.
-Holding the trainer hero for now.


So I did finish the 3rd Stage, but at a cost of 3 Dragon Bombs, 2 Time Stops, 2 Bombs, and 1 Potent Healing.


Trials of Guv - Fortitude

Last Time

Click to see last team

History of Guvs Fortitude

Team This Time

Again a pretty healer heavy team… Almost put Kunchen in for the defence down but… ended up not…

Maybe next time it’ll go easier on me if I put in Melendor for Grazul…?

Other Options:

Tool used to show my team & Options:

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The Battle

Autoplay completed round 1 & 2 as usual.

Final Stage Battle - Class Trials, Trials of Fortitude - Feb 09, 2020

The Rewards

  • Reset Token - NO*
  • Druid Emblems - Into storage… still not sure on who they are for… Now have 855 :frowning:
  • Cleric Emblems - 58/50 needed for Ariel Node 11 (Whoot!!!)
  • Trainer - Fed to Caedmon (now 4-45)


Used the same team as last time. It’s a simple 3-2 green blue stack. I really lack hitters on this one, but I make up with tile damage and double healing. Boril is great for killing boss Horghall, and the two dispellers and one buff stealer keeps everything clean. Used one bomb for initial attack down and one small mana pot for charging Boril before Horghall fired. Emblems and trainer hero stored for the time being.


Same team as last time, just a bit of emblems for Kunchen and Gadeirus.
Melendor+18 Kunchen+4 Caedmon+18 Gadeirus+6 Agwe
Gadeirus went +5 to +6 after second stage. Played carefully so no items.

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Managed to get through 3rd stage on my second try.

Used Rigard - Melendor - Boril - Caedmon - Sonya costume

My first try with Melia worked poorly, as I had bad boards, and she died very quickly. I didn’t bring mana or healing potions in that run, and that was a bad idea.

Overall used a lot of consumables between both runs, including a miracle scroll, but I’m okay with that. I need to play a bit better.

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Vivica +2, White Rabbit +6, Snow White (3.70), Gadeirus +8, Hansel +1.

No real trouble at all :+1:

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Late post… during AR with troublesome WE.

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change, only Alby is +9 now.

On Bench


The Battle

At boss step, 3x mana-charged and ready to fire, decent board, no used items so far good start.

Horghall and Boril never fire a skill because Hansel, so no need bear banner to flip, and also no items used until end, great :+1:


Emblem keep inventory for Alby, Cleric not decide yet for now.
Trainer goes to… keep it for a while, green project still at lower level.


Closed 1h ago, so… no big deals thought… I’m late.