🔵 [Feb 23, 2020] Trials of Piety Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Me last time:

Me this time: using Sailor Lianna! Haha! And also my weaker unemblemed Boldtusk! Haha!

(I switched back to Rigard for the final stage. Sailor Lianna is just too squishy for me to consider.)

I finally remembered to switch Wu Kong’s troops. He and Wilbur are terrifying under a cascade, but that didn’t happen this time due to a premature red diamond detonation. Boldtusk almost died to a slash attack (19 health). But I healed him back up then clawed my way to the finish line.

Neither Li Xiu (+40) or Vivica (+125) had enough to get up there. Trainer going to old man Richard costume.

Ty as always zephyr!


At the last Trial of Piety was not satisfied with my performance…as an euphemism…Managed first time all three stages but made a lot of wrong decisions…was a bittersweet success…
Team used last time:

Squad today:

Used bombs( by the way, why bomb?looks like a Meteor…) for PoV, two middle health, one big mana and two small mana (25%) flasks.

Li Xiu
Other one; maybe flip a coin and choose between save for Kunchen or leveling up Rigard…Hensel is really good but I guess the better way would be the purple one…
Trainer: …Kirill…it‘s a shame but I did not leveled him (for a long time) because had to improve first my blue firepower by leveling Triton after a lot of previous roster-mismanagement-> you can call it so or just: own, great stupidity…

(Thanks everybody for dealing with your opinions and knowledge…)


Last time

Some minor changes to the team this time, last time Leonidas was 4/17. Brought Hansel in for The Hatter just to try Hansel out, it turns out not a good decision.

The battle highlights :

At some points, the board became so bad, 2 minor mana pots and 3 minor healing pots were used.
I guess Hansel deserves more emblems and Leo would also go up some levels, trainer saved for now.


For trials of piety:
I’m not sure if I’m the only one this is happening to, but I can’t select my non-costumes hero (if I have the costume) unless they’re equipped with costume.

It says “hero costume is allowed!”, but then won’t let me select the non-costumes version of the hero. Mine are not leveled so I just want to use the regular version.

Anyone else having this issue? What’s this restriction for??


Hello! @YodaCandy

The reason is that for example Boldtusk without costume is in the fighter-class and he is not allowed in this Trial. But if he would wear his costume the class would change in „monk“ and these one is allowed. The same with Skittleskull (Wizard/Mage<->Cleric).

Excuse me for my bad English; I hope you understand what I mean and try to explain.


Ah!! I didn’t realize their class changed! Thank you so much for the explanation! It makes total sense! :blush:


My max Rigard is locked in War with his costume so I can’t use him for this yet so I substituted him for a 3/60 Rigard.
I used 2 Hansel last time (max + 3/60) but this time substituted the 3/60 one for a Max Wu Kong.

I personally do not have any good experiences with Wu Kong. Both in this and in Avalon, he seems to make my Heroes + tiles miss A LOT, and I die. I had Joon on about 70 health, Wu Kong was activated and I shot off a cascading set of tiles, there must have easily been 9 or 10 that hit him (yes some not of colour I had on my team) but NONE of them damaged him lol.

I died. I will wait now for my max Rigard and will switch Wu Kong back for my second Hansel
(i have to wait anyway, because no more energy)


Q&A. Team Piety hasn’t changed in some time:Wilbur, Leo, Kunchen, Boril & Drake. I was happy to get out of Healerville and never looked back.

I was an early Wilbur adopter and superfan.
Before I was able to get my 5s above 3/70, I took him everywhere. Don’t use him as much anymore, but he’s still a must for Piety, 4 anything, and red teams with Zim.

I generally use a timestop/dragon attack (or 2) on 3rd level bosses for all trials, except when I’m going in heavy with a well-emblemed 5* team.

Kunchen (D team) and Wilbur got the emblems.

Trainer goes into the stockpile that will probably be munched by Poseidon 2, unless I get Jean F, ascend Vela, or another 5* shiny pushes him back in the queue.


Team last time

This time

No changes to team other than Ariel and Drake going up 1 emblem each. Not too difficult with Grazul taking Joon out of the equation and Hansel holding off Boril and/or Fire Truck.

Emblems stored.
Trainer goes to Black knight who is working through his final ascension now.


I am glad I could help you. @YodaCandy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same team as last time.

  • On the bench: Viv, Grazul, Hansel, Gafar, Elk 3.70, Rigs, Valeria #1 and #2, Wu, Li Xiu, Agwe, Boril, Jabbar, Wilbur 2, Chef BT
  • Up and coming: Joon 2.46, Rigs #2 3.39

Made it to the bosses without issue. This lineup just plows through them. I can just ignore the counter-attack damage. Even so, I am looking forward to having Joon for this next time.

Trainer went straight to Joon, emblems to…Viv likely, still haven’t decided, and will save my next 50 for Joon before continuing Tarlak and Wilbur.


Team changed a lot since the last one bane mnessness hawkmoon out.
Used a few minor healing and mana and a couple of dragon.

Emblems jabberwok and Ariel trainer Poseidon


Omg I just can’t beat it this time haha.
I just tried Rigard, 2x Hansel, Li Xiu and Wilbur.

I will next try 3 Purple (2 being rubbish): Max Rigard, 3/60 Rigard, 2/60 Grimble, Max Wilbur, and Max Hansel.

Pretty much every shot i used from my Hansel’s MISSED (they dodged). I tried targeting Joon first which I did previous times, but he dodging like crazy today and I am getting a LOT of blue tiles lol.

Ok beat it! haha
I recorded it and wow, so slooow. It took 14 minutes total.
Maybe if Grimble was maxed it would have been better but with him at 2/60 was bad haha. Oh well, at least I did it. 3rd time was a charm.

Yellow Trainer goes to Justice, she is at 4/70 so this will almost take her to 4/71.


My team this time:

  • Wilbur 4^67
  • Leonidas 3^70
  • Rigard +20
  • Li Xiu +20
  • Boril +19

Compared to last time, Boril gained a talent, Leo hit the mat wall, and Wilbur checked in for Vivica 3^70. He didn’t quite make it to max, where a stack of emblems awaits.

Still light on hitters, but the mobs weren’t very tough. Had to heal before the bosses, so only Rigard was not charged to begin the boss wave. After finally getting Wilbur in January, and now having him in fighting shape, I get what the big deal is. Why do these game-changing four stars evade me for so long? I used my usual strategy of having Li and Leo keeping Friar Tuck from firing for as long as possible. I also used three bombs to complete the Path of Valor daily challenge, but I was in a bit of a hurry because I needed to run some errands, so I let Tuck fire before I could bomb away. I quickly fired off a dragon and prepared to bomb before the next heal. But then Joon riposted, crippling his HP, and suddenly, I realized that my damage was more than keeping up with Tuck’s healing for a change. Credit Wilbur’s defense down. When Joon went down, it was even better, only splitting damage two ways. Took a while, and Li went down on Boril’s riposte, but no further items were required. That’s huge; now I know Tuck’s heal doesn’t mean game over on this trial.

Cleric emblems saved for Boril’s last talent, as I lack better options. Monk emblems for Wilbur in the next day or two. Trainer hero to Hu Tao; taking my forgotten heroes to 3^60, but plan to wait to see how early S3 summons go before spending important mats, if possible.


Joon, Rigard, Boril, Wilbur, Grazul

Grazul is just a very helpful, very fast, Ogre. I believe I’ve convinced myself I need 2 of her.

Boril is very often the star of this trials for me and he did not disappoint (I mean I’m sure Joon was disappointed he died so fast). It was also helpful to have Joon in place of Wu. It was a tough call on wether to bring Li or Wilbur but how do you say no to Wilburs puppy dog eyes??

Trainer is going to hang around a bit. No reset token.
This is easily one of my least favorite Trials. I remember it making me think that Fatty McTuck was a BOSS…much to my chagrin I realized the truth after leveling mine only by feeding him himself. It took awhile but when he was finally done!!! I realized I should have fed him to Renfeld and Renfeld to Prisca and then fed Prisca to Queen Dawa the leaping leper of 3* Holies!!!


Late post…

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change…

The Battle

All mana charged except purple Gafar and Rigard, no items used so far, great board start.

Need to use 3x bombs for Valor daily challange, but I used all bombs lol :sweat_smile: and all mana, 2 heal. One Hansel is die, but no big deal, the 2nd Hansel is still a live :smiley:

The Reward

Emblems both keep inventory.
Trainer keep later for Delilah.


I’m jealous of that cleric squad, bro!


Did this across all three.


Did this line up for the first two stages, on the third I swapped Hansel out for Wilbur. Had to use a continue on the third stage but it was worth it. If I can get Leonidas maxed before the next one I think stage 3 would go a lot better. Li Xiu got brought up to +18 where she will stay for now until Wilbur is at +18 as well.

1st alt:

One of the few teams who I take as a rainbow as I have no choice. Jabbar was instrumental in keeping the health down. That made dealing with Vivica easier.

For my 2nd alt, I forgot to grab a screenshot but the emblems went to Shrubbear and Hawkmoon.


For the record:

my team last time

This time:

I went with one Rigard less and MN instead, was a good decision, no problems.

And I forgot the screenshot, cannot believe it -.-

Trainer went to Vivica, Cleric emblems stocked for MN, Monk emblems for Drake.


Dang. I don’t know. I thought Rogue Class was my weakest class overall, but Monk and Clerics would be up there too.

For me, it looks like it will be:

  1. Hansel+7
  2. Agwe (4/70)
  3. Bane+7
  4. Hawkmoon+20 (no costume)
  5. Brienne+C20

And there really is no one else. Not good going up against a strong Holy duo and an annoying Nature healer with no Dark heroes or offensive Fire heroes.


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