🏯 [Feb 2021] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ, Discussion & Summons!

I always have had good luck with pulls and getting mats so nobody in my alliance was surprised that if only one person in the alliance was to get one, of course it was me. Haha!

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Is there already some investigation done on the power ups?
I was still struggling with the choice.
But can’t make up if you have to choose between mana recuperation or extra mana after 5 turns?

I always choose mana and then minions and then defense.
But maybe i’m more with offense and or critical hits? Especially when i want to complete it faster next time.

I also have the feeling i now ‘loose’ some mana when you get 25% after 5 turns but mana is already full or +80%.

Any ideas? Thanks

Late post, because nothing special :sweat_smile:

Final Result

Last Time

This Time

Last Stage


No unfaramable in the last chest, just like Desember 2020 :sweat_smile:


3x: Tyrum, Friartuck, Bane :muscle:
31x ETT: No Ninja troop, 1x Crit Purple, 1x Mana Yellow which is my 3rd, great for 3-2 offense in VF war.


Yes! Great idea, craft a bunch of scrolls and tornadoes! Why didn’t I think of that?

Well I don’t have a Hunters Lodge yet so I just used the ones from valor, like 5 maybe? And probably used about 15 tornados over the event. I don’t think that’s an excessive thing to trade for a TON of valuable emblems.

But nice sarcasm, really makes you seem clever :kissing_heart:

Completion is good! :+1: I didn’t bother to push on, and finish it this time.

Now I wonder how little players even bother to finish this event. Based on my result, it seems less than 60k. :flushed:


Iron is cheap and renewable, I get 518K just from mines+watchtower per day. If we throw in chests+raids+map farming it’s easily 700-800K iron per day or 7-8 tornadoes.

You can’t craft emblems except from alkashards in the alchemy lab, so trading something thats cheap and widely available for something that’s not seems like a great deal to me.

I used 70 or so tornadoes and netted 700 total emblems plus got back 20 tornadoes. 50 tornadoes for 700 emblems? Yes please.


I don’t believe iron is the problem here. Orihalcum nuggets are. Those don’t grow on trees and even if supposedly you farm those exclusively during AR there still will be shortage because tornadoes are also used daily vs high-level titans for example and in other events. Even grimoire dust may be a problem at some point since that is required for mana potions.

That’s the point though, choosing where you use what you got. I don’t really use tornados anywhere except the tower. We are only just starting to take on 8* titans in the teaching alliance I lead so they aren’t needed for me on titans, and I don’t compete for score in events, I just play once to complete them. I’ve never even checked how many nuggets I have since I doubt I’ll ever run low. My gold is backpacks to keep my TC2 going full time.

We all have different strategies, needs and goals which is why this is such a deep and fascinating game to spend your time and thought on. It seems many people on here are going to be high level/competitive players so that the general forum opinion is quite skewed from the average player most of whom probably aren’t even aware there IS a forum. It’s a self sorting group this place. So I’d just say, not everyone plays the way someone in a top 100 alliance does and that’s fine.

So long as what you’re doing is fun for you!

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I’m in a decently high level alliance but we all agreed to cap titans at 10-11* because that’s where the sweet spot is in terms of loot/items ratio. No point chaining 13-14* titans when the loot is only marginally better but you have to burn through so many extra items just to even stay alive.

Also I don’t bother competing in events beyond completion since the ROI is simply atrocious, and you don’t get any extra emblems even if you rank #1. So tornadoes are pretty much only used for ninja tower, and maybe an 11* rare if I really feel like going for A+ loot. As a result I have a huge stockpile of nuggets (>1k), and each AR I farm more than I consume in a month so it’s fully sustainable. If anything I’m more iron limited since I’m always crafting something be it harpoons or bombs/dragons or banners.


Frankly, I don’t see a point using tornadoes on regular titans even that we’re chaining 14* titans. I just don’t find this item that effective - it won’t create on-color tiles, only rearrange which in most cases places you in the same position as originally.

What I use on normal and rare titans is time stops (and mana pots ofc) which I find far more useful in buying me some time to craft combos or add on-color tiles to the board.

Therefore, I can save all the tornadoes for Ninja Tower. This time I had about 50 and didn’t burn even a half of it.


Thanks for the explanation guys, makes a lot more sense to me now.

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