🏯 [Feb 2021] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ, Discussion & Summons!

I forgot to say, on the day the NT was released this month I had 7 ETT, I received 2x 4* Red Mana Troops + 1x Purple Bo Ninja.

I only had 2x red 4* before, so this was perfect. All other colours I have 5 or more. And I raid a lot with mono red

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I don’t want to say it but… “more money than sense” comes to mind lol
I think it’s good SG are making you at least not have ALL heroes in the game, lol

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I spent my 58 ETT on ninja troop pulls… Got only a single 4* ninja troop (holy).

3 ten pull done so far, all absolute crap. This is even worse than legends ;/

Slowly reaching 30 lvl on tower, wonder when will be my limit this time… Bosses are absolutely ridiculous when they fire.

LOL yeah. But dammit, when your wife gets Cobalt on her first 10-Pull … it really gets your hope up!

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With 2 days and 4 hours left, I’m ranked 27,821, up from ~40K at the same time yesterday.
My score is up ~30K over December’s through 30 stages.

Stage Score Total Score
1 20,156 20,156
2 20,200 40,356
3 19,032 59,388
4 16,720 76,108
5 18,236 94,344
6 14,920 109,264
7 15,308 124,572
8 17,164 141,736
9 17,892 159,628
10 18,472 178,100
11 16,613 194,713
12 16,694 211,407
13 17,212 228,619
14 15,290 243,909
15 19,673 263,582
16 20,025 283,607
17 19,678 303,285
18 15,111 318,396
19 19,620 338,016
20 35,407 373,423
21 32,647 406,070
22 34,215 440,285
23 27,607 467,892
24 30,465 498,357
25 33,532 531,889
26 32,422 564,311
27 35,287 599,598
28 29,407 629,005
29 32,917 661,922
30 30,367 692,289

According to my tracking I have received 41 coins and 62 emblems from stage completion. In December those numbers were 41 and 66. Is there a randomness to the emblems you get per stage?

I’ve been holding off on using my top green and yellow teams so I can save them for the last few levels. Curses have not been a problem other than when they land on Frida, who I’ve used tornadoes to save.

I was surprised to see that on stage 25 I received 2 tornadoes as loot.


Did worse on some floors than I wanted. About 4 or 5 floors I used miracle scrolls do that hugely impacted scores, bizarrely they were floors BELOW floor 40. After 40 it seemed easier somehow.

No 4* mat again for finishing :cry:


Does anyone know what the sale has been on the last day of the Ninja Tower for Hurricanes?

It’s 3000 Gems + 1000 Tokens + 15 Invisibility Potion + 15 Hurricane on Day 5

But they’ve changed Day 2 offer this time so it might be different this time


What was Day 2 and what did it change to?
Thank you! This is greatly appreciated.

Day 2 used to 15 Hurricane + 15 Time Freeze + 15 Alteration Scroll

It’s now 500 Gems + 125 Toewr Coins + 1 ETT

Edit : Hmmm, I guess they changed it during the 2nd event and I didn’t notice
The offers are in the OP post in the main Event Thread. Need to click to expand it


@JekylandHyde check the OP that you’ve been merged to. There’s an entire section on the offers.

Day 3

Finished on last minute before loosing flags. It is getting harder and more time consuming. Started bringing out fully leveled 5☆ partially.
No loss.

I am only for completion so my standard items are

  • miracle scroll
  • minor mana
  • healing potion (regular)
  • arrows

This time getting hard on minor mana as I will be running low of bones.

Quite some heroes got their first strike.

Heroes cursed out:

  • Hu Tao
  • Kiril #2
  • Sonya+1 #2

It’s because you probably select the +X% Mana Generation Blessing every time. So once you get to level 42 your mana generation is +25% which means a level 11 (or greater) Mana Troop on a Slow hero fires in 9 Tiles instead of 12. Which is huge as it hits the 3 matched tiles critical breakpoint.

AND…your fast Heroes with a Level 11+ Mana Troop fire in 6 Tiles!! That’s huge as well as they hit the critical 2 matched Tiles of 3 breakpoint.

So your Heroes are being powered up so quick it actually does make it easier on the last 8 levels. Not to mention if you chose the +X% Mana Instant gain option. Your heroes just charge right up at the late levels.

I had noticed this as well on previous Tower events. I finally dug into why this time around and I saw the Mana Factor kicking in at level 42 as described above. Nice job on your Completion! :+1:t3:


I finally missed he first play at level 31, I just chose a poor team for it, and I sailed through to 39 after that. So I’ll use a flask to catch up and play through to 49 and finish tomorrow.

The change I made this time is preferring the minion bonus, then after that either mana choice, then if none of those are offered I choose attack.

The other thing I’m having to think on is how heros with any sort of bonus over time get hobbled in later stages. Since 2 months ago I’ve finished Almur and emblemed him to 17 for titans and he’s great here, same with Gulli. Zocc has been useful as well. I just got Proteus this month so I’ll have him done for the April tower.

Strategy wise as in challenge events I play for completion rather than score, in this event I play for avoiding curses at all costs using tornados and scrolls, as well as dragon and bomb attacks to kill off bosses before a curse can attach. I’ve gotten to 39 with only one hero half cursed. Due to this style I just take my strong heros in from floor one.

I think a lot of frustration people have is that they’ve gotten in a comfort zone of how they play, what heros they use and the way they think about the game. These new events mean to shake up those habits and patterns and if you embrace them on that level then they’ll really broaden the way you think about the game.

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Day 4 Pt. 1

Playing 2x times 5 stages each day. No loss.

Heroes cursed out:

  • IsarniaC

There are exceptions. To me, those levels are free to attempt because they cost no world energy. One thing I found out as a low-level player who has little chance to climb above level 10 is: use heavy color stacking + damage items like bombs, axes, minor mana pots for the best sniper and also Dragon attacks to punch through. Run away 9 times if you have to, chances are that one time you’ll get the board you want. Yesterday did that with floor 12, today did that with floor 13. Of course, use of Dragon attacks to get just a bit of xp and a couple emblems is not justified by itself, but if you can also complete a Path of Valor daily quest to use 3 dragon attacks, then I think it’s worth it.

Sadly, running away doesn’t save you from curses.

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This event is too tough for ordinary users. In order to avoid users hate the event and the game, please add on each level some label about power required, or better put label " for whales only" on each stage

I am not convinced about that either, since there are players who did it without overpowered rare heroes at their disposal. I guess tactics, knowledge about the tower, deep 4* roster and rich supply of rare items is what beats the Ninja tower. To me however, considering the small reward upon completion, the use of those items is not justified unless you’re literally swimming in them.

Edit: Or if you are completing a Path of Valor daily by using those items.

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I guess tactics, knowledge about the tower, deep 4* roster and rich supply of rare items is what beats the Ninja tower

This is sort of definition of a whale? Isnt it?

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