🏯 [Feb 2021] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ, Discussion & Summons!

I’m still alive :). I am farther along now than the last tower . I have a new appreciation for Zulag . I can wait for the last Tabard to finish leveling her . She is holding one curse C Rigard spot and doing it well . I looked to see where I was in leaders and PEOPLE ARE DONE !!! What the heck . Good luck out there . Curse the curses !


Oh and for data I did six epic Troop pulls and ZERO ninja Troops. Got one free ninja pull and got a NASHGAR!

Curse tiles are frustrating af all you do is chase after tiles to uncurse and many times it is impossible to cleanse with tiles play which makes it even more ridiculous and curse tiles are so often it isn’t even worth my time playing this unblanace trash.

Devs don’t even play their own game otherwise this should’ve spotted and fixed.


Bite me - some people get all the luck

This event does not impress. The number of tokens for a pull - 100 - is idiotic given you have so few options to get tokens without spending. And then, when you have 100 tokens, odds are you get a 3* S1 trash like Dawa.




38 tokens, 3 troops here. So yeah, they are out there. I miss only the purple one!

Better luck today. 11 ETT gave 1 Green Crit, 1 Purple Crit, and a Green Ninja troop!


90 troop pulls during the ninja events so far and 0 ninja troops.

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28 troops tokens and only 1 4s troop that was not a ninja troop.

I’ve been tracking my ranking across various time points in this event to get a better gauge of how far I can expect to fall based on other players catching up.

Score and rank by time left in the event

Time Left Score Rank
4d6h 178K 60,593
4d2h 178K 66,444
3d15h 373K 24,272
3d12h 373K 32,102
3d10h 373K 35,983
3d8h 373K 39,783
3d2h 373K 44,430

I’ll follow up with a more detailed post with scores, loot, and comparisons to December Ninja Tower.


Did 30+ pulls earlier this week and pulled 5 4*s including new blue mana, blue ninja, and red ninja.

Now I’m only missing yellow mana, green ninja, and yellow ninja.


Single ETT from MV produced purple ninja troop for my main account. Nice, although now they clash with my one and only other 4* purple mana troop…

Day 1& 2

First day only bringing 3☆. No loss. No heroes cursed out.

Second day started with 4☆ and non maxed 5☆ (3.70). No loss. Heroes cursed out:

  • Caedmon+20
  • Kadilen 3.70

80 summons so far. Hoping for any of Garnet, Cobalt, or Mica.

Instead i got dupe Onyx (OK, not bad) and dupe Jade (blech).


The first event I don’t really play. It takes too much time besides playing all the other stuff. Sometimes longer breaks between events would he great and or some more possibilities to farm more items lile AR


This event is an item eater for lower ranked players . I’m at level 22 and could probably make it to 25 if I wanted . Have plenty of heroes left ago do so . I’m questioning if it’s worth it . I won’t get to level 100k in reward loot and if I did it’s only an extra 5 emblems across the board . The one good thing was I learned how valuable Zulag is at the tank. I may have to purchase a tabard if it comes for sale . She is a beast . I’ll be back tomorrow ( different topic ) !

If someone can’t finish it, and isn’t even close it’s probably the best idea to not use any items at all.
You will still get something, and if you die just repeat the lvl, if you can’t finish you should have plenty of energy. Even if you can’t progress further, just try a level again and again loose and if you manage it you will still get at least some reward, it’s extra energy so nothing better to do with it.


I don’t know if it is just me, but every time this event comes back I am finding it harder, when I would have thought having more heroes to use would make it easier.

Instead I just lost four of my five heroes in my best team in a single round. That is, they were newly brought in for that round as my 4*s weren’t cutting it, and all but one were completely cursed by the end of the round. And the one that was left was only one curse away from being out of the game too.

Those wretched curses seemed to be appearing every single round and the boards were just completely useless. No matter how much I tried to make matches to get rid of them, they just didn’t fall how I needed them too. One chain after another that did nothing but wipe away any chance of a match while charging up the enemies again and again.

Normally when events I have struggled with come back again, I feel like I am getting somewhere the next time, but this is just the opposite.

Summons - the usual 3* classic rubbish from my two pulls from saved gems and the coins I got after the last event finished. At this point I would have been happy to see Sapphire, but it wasn’t to be.


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