🏯 [Feb 2021] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ, Discussion & Summons!

2 x 10 pulls and 6 single pulls. Dupe Sapphire is all

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ETTs used on side accounts. The results:

14 three-star troops
1 Blue mana troop
1 Purple Ninja troop

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Cashed in my tokens…success :partying_face:

first ninja troop. :bomb: :dash:

Need 2 more yellow mana troops. Got many yellows but only 3☆. So today morning my HA9 research was done. So the Ents went straight for a retraining. Hopefully they turn into yellow mages. :yellow_heart: :mage:


50 ETT - 5 ninjas, 4 crit and 1 mana.


Encore un evenement réservé a l’élite. 10 invocations et aucun personnage de l’événement. Comme d’habitude me direz-vous. Je n’ai pas de chance, oui je n’ai pas la chance de pouvoir dépenser des centaines d’euros pour obtenir un personnage (sans grand intérêt) que je n’ai pas déjà en double, en triple… Je retourne jouer a the last of us. Voilà un studio Naughty Dog qui ne prend pas ses joueurs pour des imbéciles au porte monnaie bien rempli.

Are there hero threads for the 🥷? Was looking but I didn’t see any. Got Mica and Uraeus and need to debate which gets the MATs (have Thor, Joon and Bai all leveled so need to debate another, but better sniper or Mica and Krampus is getting the emblems where Mica could get emblems) so I was trying to find a Mica thread

IMO, Mica, Jade and Shale are the worst ninjas. I’d max Uraeus first, although you have more emblems for Mica.

I didn’t face Mica so much, but the times I fought against him, I didn’t feel he was a threat, unlike his colleagues Cobalt, Onyx and Garnet.

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52 ETTs:

  • 3 ninjas (yellow, red, green)
  • 3 crit (yellow, purple, blue)
  • 3 mana (2x purple and my first blue)

I’m a happy camper. I finally have a minimum of 5 four star troops in each color, got my first blue mana troop and first purple crit troop. The only troop I’m missing is a purple ninja troop.


So happy, with a 10 pull


11 Hero pulls. I would have been happy with any Ninja other than Shale or Jade. Got 6 Season 1 3*, 4 Season 1 4*, and Shale. Good luck in terms of rarity, but nothing but feeders.

39 ETT. I’m most in need of Holy 4* troops. 30 ended up being 3* (77%) so I beat the odds there. Of the 9 4* troops, 3 were ninjas, but none of the 9 were Holy. Decent results.


Got last Mana troop for collection and red ninjas.
Summons sucked so far, did ten pull, all 3*… :expressionless:

I did 7 pulls and nothing

This is event is just…WOW. On floor 17 / 50 the enemies deal up to 700 to ALL my heroes in a single hit. And they charge like instantly…

Hey, developers, who was this event intended for? Was is it released for all of or only for the ones spending top dollar?


26 ETT pulls and got 2 green ninjas troops and 1 red 4*, rest were all 3*
Also 1 pull after 3 events and gotten 3* renfeld. Just not a fan of this event, I rather have ToL which haven’t given me anything either but at least I can do 2 free pulls.


I didnt plan on pulling but I felt the this is IT moment… Did 8 pulls got Uraeus and 2nd Onyx…

You are supposed to be happy alot, but since its dupe… Hoped for Garnett or Cobalt. Then I had an afterthought that this dupe could actually work together just nicely :slight_smile:

Current plan : Onyx - Frigg - Odin - Ariel - Onyx
So I got double mana generation, cleanse and double dispell. And since all dmg dealers can hit multiple targets, Frigg def down to all helps with AI targeting :stuck_out_tongue:


My friend uses Mica in offence, in yellow-purple stack. Watched him playing, and I must say Mica provides so much survivability - he needs to get really, really awful board to lose with that team. I was impressed, pretty much. In defence, he’s really not impressive.


Good to know it.

There’s sometimes a big difference of a hero in attack and defense teams. I don’t have Mica. The most similar hero I have is Wilbur. I could figure out how difficult it would be to defeat his team in attack.

I agree that in defense is not impressive. He’d be more or less similar to Aegir.

Summon portal: 14 pulls for no ninjas and only 2 x 4* (the rest was 3*), but I managed to get Uraeus… a second one.

Troop Portal was much better, as from 44 summons I got 3 ninjas - purple, yellow and blue, and I was missing purple and yellow so now I have complete set. Quite a few epic troops too.


The info graphic (linked at top of the post) on rewards is wrong.

It does not match the ingame info on brackets and rewards.

Also does not match my result from last time, so I guess it was wrong for last time too.

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I noticed the same thing in December. I’m not too concerned if the rewards are slightly off.
I track the emblems and coins from each level each month and will post an update later.

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