🧞 [Feb 2021] Mythic Titan Event - FAQ & Discussion

… because there is no $ in the event so Zynga delayed until she comes out with a way to $uck now and forever! lol

Looks like it’s starting tomorrow (27th February)

Which color it would be?

Will Proteus work against this titan?

I guess not, its passive ability resists mana block too so i guess proteus wont work.

Any skill to do with mana block, mana steal, or mana slow won’t work, but mindless attack still works aka Alfrike/Zocc/Merlin/Hansel/Gretel. (tested it out with Alfrike)

By the way, I believe this is new but top 1% total damage awards Gilgamesh’s avatar. Not bad.


Thanks for pointing this out. It is new! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Does time stops work?

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On the other hand, silencing effects like Miki’s, Peters’ special still work.

Is the breakpoint between 1% and 5% still around rank 15.000. Or will it be lower because more people will know the Titan strategics. Or is it still early to determine the breakpoint.

probably same number of players, the score not sure, in one hand peaple tend to get better, but its another color, so…

I just watched my wife do 154k, 174k, and 210k to Gilgamesh with a mono yellow team! She used Ranvir, Myst, Norns, Gullenpiggy, and c Viv. At times she was doing 10k per shield. Put me to shame.

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Was that intented ? Yellow team against yellow titan.

norns make yellows weak agians yellows, my second team will be pretty much the same

She wanted to try the Norns out. She definitely found a dream team to build around it. Scrolls and hurricanes helped alot.

Yes, I thought about using Norns. Especially since I have Jackal but not Panther. Seems like pretty viable strategy especially since Norns’ debuff duration was extended to 5 turns which seems enough. So Norns, C-Viv, Jackal, Miki and some 4th yellow for team, maybe Odin to counter slow on Miki from next round. Maybe it’ll do better than my purple team. Is there yellow 5* or 4* that raises attack?

Atleast something good from Karnov is, he can ‘‘dispell’’ buff Gilgamest attack reduction to black shields :slight_smile:

A small pat for not getting Toxi or Isrod or Minotaur :slight_smile:

Does someone knows if time stops and freeze work in this titan?

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Wu Kong, the Monkey King.

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