🦹 [Feb 2021] League of Villains Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

4 star heroes from this event are imho meh. 5 stars are great (except Karnov who is very niche).

Question is - do you feel lucky enough to pull a 5 star hero. With 15 pulls the odds are against you, but you know, it happens. No one who gives you the advices can predict that for you.

If I were you, I would save them. We were told to expect more new events these year - perhaps they will come with better mix of 4s and 5s.


Mixes it up at least if true but I’ve not seen anything to suggest this (but I’m not in beta either)

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Absolutely agree. I hate Sanngrior and Ingolf is okay. I’m not sure I’d level either.

This is a great question. But I also know I’ve saved up 5 months worth of coins for Jackal and Falcon and walked away with neither before.

I have a few days to ponder the question.

Karnov will be wanted for yellow titan hunting though.

That’s exactly what “very niche” means. I have Ratatoskr maxed and he’s basically used only on blue titans.


As a titan hunting huge fan. I’d let all the odds in my favor to pull Falcon and Jackal. Although they have their counterparts in costumes now… If you want to use those coins in LoV, you would need to plan a 10-pull for when Leonidas-c will be featured… Still… not better odds then pulling Jackal at GoT…

Okay I see… I’m desperately hoping for an alternative to the Panther. He would be very welcomed as yellow are our weakest titan as an alliance.

They are the same , the only difference between pirates and LoV are battle items, avatars and heroes


I think you missed part of my post.

Have both Falcon and Jackal and not exactly in the business of doing 10 pulls.

I just used all of my Costume Keys going for C-Marj. Got C-Khagan instead :expressionless:

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I apologise for the silly question, bear with me. :blush:

But the addition with the Hero Trainers available from summons - does that mean, that they appear together with a Hero?

Or does it mean, that one risks getting a simple Trainer Hero after spending ten challenge coins? And no Hero at all?

Thank you :hugs:

Also means fewer battle items needed for those who nuke for high scores :smiley:


Rather than getting a season 1 3* or 4* you have a chance at getting a trainer hero instead. This benefits longer term players who already have as many copies of season 1 Rare and Epic heroes as they want. This hurts newer players who would want that Season 1 hero.
So no you don’t get a trainer and a hero, you get a trainer hero instead of a regular hero.


The trainer is in place of the hero - so no hero if you get a trainer.

Best bet is to avoid this portal if you’re still looking for 3* and 4* heroes.


Such a swift response, thank you both. :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright, it sounds as if I’ll be skipping the portal then. I hope it won’t be the case for other Challenge Events; those Challenge Coins are already so hard to come by :confused:

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By far seems like the worst challenge event for newer players.

No WE 1 stage to farm coins, xp and feeder heroes from, and not an insurance of getting at least any 3* hero.

Edit: I sure hope there are no similar changes to other challenge events.


My battle items stockpile is thankful for only 10 levels of grindiness.


Humm I see now you’re after Hansel and Gretel. Personnally, I like Mist above them both. If you have her, I’d do some pulls at the vilains. Even if not all.

10-pull is still cool as f2p. Takes time but comes out cheaper. We strive for long but always prefer 10-pulls in my alliance.

That was one of my feedback items in Beta too. :confused:

My Beta feedback

Alternative guide (english version):


Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but will we see the other Challenge Event heroes in HA10 at some point(Like Finley), and these heroes as well? or is that not on the table at this point in time? Hopefully i can pull one of the new villan heroes during the event

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