๐Ÿ‘‘ [Feb 2020] Knights of Avalon Challenge Event โ€“ Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

I was hoping for BK, I did 20 pulls and got Guin which Iโ€™m happy about, but now I need to rethink how to setup my defense to fit her in at tank.


Rare challenge completed! Phew. Only the second time Iโ€™ve managed it and this time I completed the final level on the first attempt and with a very uncooperative set of tiles on the boss level so, definitely an improvement on Teltoc.

Now to very nervously attempt Epic. I have a decent bench of 4* now so it should be possible. :thinking:


Does anyone remember what the other 4 deals are for this event? I am 400 gems away from a 10-pull and I donโ€™t know if I should wait for another cheap deal or not

Next one is x10 and 300 gems for something like 3us

I am at a similar stage. I beat my first epic last month for the first time, though it was tough going.

I am hoping for an easier time this month.

Good luck.

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You da best! Thanks :slight_smile:


is it just me or is avalon about 123912839182391 times harder than teltoc? Seriously, I feel like Iโ€™m better prepared, yet Iโ€™m taking 3 times as long to finish stages; my teams that easily beat L15 in teltoc almost died at L3.

It depends on your current roster .
Teltoc had difficult bosses too.
However i have to highlight the fact that avalon has if not the best legendaries of allโ€ฆ So the difficulty may come from there

Finally got a chest from farming which made me have 10 coins, I got Friar Tuck lol.

Then I decided to buy the gem offers and did 2 pulls: Tyrum, and then Sabina.
My first ever sabina so I am happy AND today I got my 4th Trap Tool, and 2 fine gloves, so it feels like this was fate :smiley:
(was going to use on a second Rigard for his costume but I will do Sabina instead - I have maxed costume on one Rigard with emblems)


60 pulls: 2 Merlins, 1 Lancelot, 1 Morgana.
Guine still eludes me :disappointed:

Not bad:

Iโ€™m done with pulls for Avalon. Time to save gems for Atlantis.


I agree, Avalon 5* always avoided me before now too. So I guess it was just time, but I didnโ€™t expect to do that well.

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10 pulls: 3x4*, 7x3*, 0 event heroes, but Iโ€™ve got Jean-Francois


I hope more and more people to uninstall your game . what you can do with 4 classic stars nothing really cares about money. human

110 pulls, no 5 stars. Well done, guys, great job! Be proud of yourselves.

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XD? For a 3 year old, thatโ€™s some damn good language skills

btw. zephyr is one of us, heโ€™s not from SG.


Stuck on L14 of Epic and have now run out of useful items to help. On the last go I added a third red to help with Morgan and certainly managed to make more of a dent. I think I can crack this one once Iโ€™ve stocked back up. :+1: Then itโ€™s just 15 to finish. I might be better equipped for that one as Iโ€™ve a better choice of heroes for those bosses.

Managed to squeak through my first attempt at L5 of Legendary. Really not expecting much there with only one 5* but itโ€™s good practice for the future.

You are lucky indeed. 110 pulls and no 5 stars. I think I am slso done with the game.

Iโ€™m done with Avalon.
Just try to stay inside the 100k small prize zone on each tier now.

The last mob tree was annoying.