[Feb 20, 2019] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Screenshot_20190220-020347_Empires Grimm, Grimm situation.


Well it didn’t take too long to refill at least, I just finished. :slight_smile:

This one wasn’t too bad.

I used 2 bombs, 1 dragon attack, 3 antidotes, and 20 minor healing.

I probably could have used slightly fewer items if I’d had all my hero specials charged up when going into the bosses.

I accidentally killed the monsters on the last wave too quickly. :flushed:

But I got the Emblems, and Boldtusk went to +6!

Sumitomo was a nice addition. He died a bit early in the boss battle, but not before contributing.

I’m fond of riposte/counterattacks on offense, and he was helpful for that, though less so than Boril and Cyprian, since he only covers himself. But I could see making more use of him going forward.

I really like that about the Class Trials — having reason to make use of a wide mix of heroes.


I didn’t do the last stage in the first trial because at that time I was still at level 28, here is my previous team:

This time, I have passed the level requirement and finish the last stage with some bombing (2 axes, 3 bombs, and 2 dragon attacks spent), here is my new team (I just realize that I should have bring Karil instead of Namahage as all of the final bosses are red/fire):


Congrats on your first time through the third stage! It looks like you made a lot of progress on leveling heroes since the last one. :slight_smile:

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First stage, end boss Oberon. He sat at 0 health for a bunch of turns. At first it said revive and I thought okay. But when I sent some tiles through him it said ghost mode. Hmm. Tapping on him didn’t show any unusual effects applied. Eventually he came back.

In my ignorance, I leveled all of my 4* heroes almost completely evenly, so I never had one particular team that could dominate in raids, but that accidentally helped me to be pretty effective in Wars. As such, when class quests came out, i happen to have reasonably good teams for every challenge (but originally found myself without a single leveled Rogue >< )

Anyway, my team for this challenge was:
4-70 Gormek, 4-50 Grimm, 4-70 Boldtusk, 3-60 Little John and 4-80 Kageburado (my best hero!) and with 1 revive and 2 dragon attack, i got through tier 3.

(I have a total of 5 maxed 4* heroes and the rest are almost all 3-50, so i’m lucky that two of them are fighter/barbarian)

Done all stages :slight_smile:

@zephyr1, I’m curious to hear a little more about the Gato - Sumitomo swap. A stronger hero, but you diminished your blue stack in a trial with all red bosses. Having now done it, did you feel that was an equitable trade?

This just occurred to me: does Gato’s special block being set on fire by Azlar-type skills? I’m sure the answers out there, but you probably know. :slight_smile:

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Waiting for my World Energy to replenish…

My first team was
~4.55 Boldtusk
Max Grimm
Max Gormek
3.60 Hu Tao
Max Valen

Since then I have brought a second Grimm online and he is ~4.50 and climbing. Replace my weakest hero - Valen, or leave Hu Tao at home in order to heavily stack blue (since all the final bosses are red)?

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Team change

Click for old team

Last time I used

Little John
Azlar 5* 2.60
Grimm 4*+1
Hu Tao 4* 3.60

But since the mobs are green ( strong against blue ) and blue ( strong against red ) but Stage 3 has triple red bosses, I decided to change:

Little John ( now 4* 3.28 - wishing I had leveled him after my Melendor and Hansel. Little John’s attack stat, attack all and mana generation debuff is really helpful )
Grimm 4* 3.60
Grimm 4*+3
Boldtusk ( now 4* 4.28 )
Hu Tao 4* 3.60

I took 100% mana, Attacks - Dragon, Bombs, Arrows.

I think I panicked and used too many items, but I did not have any way to dispeller reflect damage from Elena.

Team chat

Do not waste special skills on Revive ghosts

Click for details



I really liked how you set up this topic, especially the link to the last one.

For ease of locating perhaps set up a post with links to all these “Share & Discuss” trial topics? Then add the link to the collection of links to each topic?

Trails of Strength Teams - Share Yours & Discuss includes a link to
locked collection topic [Mod List, Reference] List of all Trial Teams - Share Yours & Discuss topics

My reasoning is these trials will take place twice a week for years. As the game grows, the older trail topics will go stale ( see topics before the addition of troops, barracks and classes ). But older topics will have more views and more likes than new topics, forcing them higher on the search list. Even search by latests will be clogged as each trail proc causes users to add to the Feature request sub forum.

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My recollection is that I had a hard time keeping Gato alive last time. Sumitomo did a bit better on that front, since the monsters weren’t wearing him down too much, just the bosses.

That said, even dead heroes contribute to tile damage, so he’d have been helpful in a blue stack, even if he died.

On the whole, I think I had an easier time this time, though, and the counterattack did a fair bit of damage.

And mostly, it was fun to use a new hero. :slight_smile:

It does indeed, which is why I picked him over Valen last time, who I actually have two of maxed.

But it’s also only 3 turns of protection, so it has to be timed well. And it still won’t protect 2 of the heroes even at best, nor does it prevent the immediate direct damage.

So bringing antidotes still makes sense, and you’d still use them at the same time either way. And I wouldn’t have taken any less damage, since I used an antidote right away each time.

Overall, I didn’t miss Gato on the team.

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You’ve anticipated my plan, though I’d thought to for a whole set of the ones I created first. :wink:

But it’s true, no need to wait.

On this front, I’ve been torn.

Having a single thread for each trial reused for all eternity could get quite cumbersome. But creating a new one each cycle could too.


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I know Oberon is a zombie, but he revived 4 times in a row on stage 2 :joy:

He simply refuses to die!


for me : Obakan 480, Bold 470, Gormek 470, Grimm 470 and Sumitomo 4*70.

zero item used, easy fight. this time, it was cool. Sorcerer will be more boring…

This should be under 1% chance. Did you have damage over time on him? Trying to figure out if he always revives if he just revived from DOT with 0 health.

Nope, it was 2 times from special damage and two times from tiles.

At first i honestly think it was some kind of bug that not let me kill him no matter what.

But i guess it was simply an amazing coincidence.


I had maxed Grimm, Magni, Boldtusk, Gormek and Grimm 3/60, used arrows and bombs on the final boss level. Three pulverisors is boring, but effective.


This team worked fairly well, though at the end of the third stage I only had Delilah standing against Elena, so I finished her with bombs. I would have done better if Delilah’s minions had given me time to reload before the last wave.

It should go better next time, as both Grimm #2 and Delilah should be stronger.

My alliance mate had it happen 3 times and couldn’t overcome him. What kinda odds produces such a result

Delist and chains

If you link to the previous trial, and delist all but the two most recent, players could still chain back to the original, but only two would show up on searches.

Bosses 5/5 Talent

Bosses should be 5/5 Revive which is 30%. So 1 in 123 chance for 4 in a row.

I just had 3 in a row ( 1 in 37 chance ).

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