[Feb 17, 2019] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

I used Wilbur, Falcon, Cyprian 3-60, Falcon 3-60, Leonidas 3-70, and took bombs, dragon attacks, minor healing, and antidotes.

Without a healer, I blew through all 20 minor healing before the end.

I also used 1 bomb on the last stage of monsters before the bosses to debuff their attack a bit while I wore them down and charged my specials.

Wilbur and Cyprian proved useful in getting the bosses to damage themselves a lot on riposte, but without a healer and with Cyprian at 3-60, he died too early in the battle for me to use riposte suicide the whole way.

I wore down the bosses a lot with the Wilbur and double Falcon combo, along with tile damage. Leonidas proved pretty useless with the board I got, as he never charged up to fire. I had hoped he’d be useful for a bit of mana control.

I used antidotes a few times when Joon and Justice blinded me.

Toward the end I was down to just Wilbur and one of the Falcons, so I used 2 dragon attacks and 1 bomb to wear down the bosses enough to finish them with tile damage and not risk dying. I probably wouldn’t have needed that with a little more luck on the board — I had a remarkably hard time charging specials or getting good tile damage no matter how much I cleared junk out of the way to get more tiles.

All-in-all, not terrible. Next time I might bring Sonya instead of Leonidas so I at least have more chance at charging her special.

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