🎭 [Feb 15, 2021] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

But in first post picture states the odds that I mention. So its wrong info?

2 Prisca, one Kelile. I think only one Prisca would have been enough but yea, fml…

No. You’re just missing how it applies.

The odds for a SPECIFIC hero is the pool odds divide by the number of heroes in the pool.

For featured hero, there are 2 heroes.

For unfeatured heroes there are 18 heroes.

So the specific odds are:
Featured = 1.2% / 2 = 0.6%
Unfeatured = 1.3% / 18 = 0.072%

Thus better odds.


First pull renfeld, new costume for me, going to lvl him for sure for 3* tourneys :slight_smile:

Second pull elkanen, already got him so one dupe for HA (which I won’t have for some month lol), I’m not totally disappointed but not excited either, not sure :rofl:

Wanted to do a 10 pull, but now I won’t do it, I got one of the featured 5* and Leonidas isn’t featured, so let’s wait for next month


2x 10 pulls, finally got Gormek and Colen’s costumes, thus completing my entire non-5* costume collection. Got dupe Khagan costume which is cool I suppose. Just glad I can stop pulling from costume chamber unless featured hero is desriable.

Buch of good summons for me :star_struck:
7 free draws with only 3 3* doubles, 3 4* that I didn’t have yet, Dawa and Uraeus!!

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Featured heroes are 1.3% chance versus 1.2% of non-featured heroes. The computation is correct; the dividends were just reversed.


Featured: 1.3%/2 = 0.65%
Non-featured: 1.2%/18 = 0.067%


Thank you @valourandvaliance @Guvnor. Its good to learn something new. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So far ive done 13 pulls between this and last event. Not a single new costume. Not even 3*.

The more costumes you assemble, the harder it is to get a non-duplicate.

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Featured heroes are Elkanen and Azlar? That’s a joke, isn’t it?


Probably featured heroes because the HOTM is so nice. People will pull, if only for him.
I at least did so :blush:
No luck though, only C-Sabina who I think is nice to have

28 pulls today, get Richard. 16 EHT threw too, no more 5 stars… SG stop hating me please :rofl:

Isn’t it my lucky day?

There’s a bit bitterness in this: I’m leveling Joon (3-40), started Uraeus, and now SPAAARTAAAA! Not to mention I have 5 darts atm. :expressionless:


Three pulls gave me three 3* feeders. Level 10 Khagan and co make no chance.

I saved 55 keys, I did all 11 pulls and I got:

  1. Gunnar
  2. Caedmon
  3. Kelile (new)
  4. Kailani (new)
  5. Kiril (new)
  6. Baltazar (new)
  7. Renfeld
  8. Berden
  9. Hawkmoon
  10. Kelile
  11. Belith

4 new costumes out of 11 pulls. After one year of playing I still can’t pull my first Rigard and Tiburtus. I’m happy for Kiril’s costume though.


I am saving my coins this month.

Is it new ?

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I have a different version which states 250% value. Cannot make the exact euro transition but it’s approximately 3.20 I believe. Anyway, it is almost equal to the shop 100-gem offer x 3 with the added benefit of getting 5 keys for 0.20 euro or so. It’s quite ok if you are C2P I think.

…I’m convinced this event is just out to troll me now. :joy: If anyone saw my post last month; i did a lot of summons, trying to get the new costumes, and the only 5* the portal seemed to grace me with was 5 Khagans

Welllllll …

I’d ask can I give up yet, but finally obtaining Costume Azlar just miiiight give me hope :joy:


Super annoying that they didn’t feature any of the new costumes. SG is great at finding new ways to troll us.


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