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I tried to find this definition, but couldn’t…

In the elemental summon, there always is a featuring hero. Currently featuring Leonidas.
What does this mean? Increased chance for Leonidas? Or is it just an advertising/representing hero for each color?

Thanks folks

You have the same odds of pulling any 5-star yellow hero as you do Leonidas. He is just featured for that color. Also know not everybody has the same featured color at the same time so for you it may be yellow, but for me it is green.

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And joon should just always be the feautre yellow hero.

Joon for yellow
Sartana for purple
Marjana for red
Lianna for green
Magni for blue

If u have any hotm or event heros then the rest of the heros in those colors are pretty much useless

That’s not true, I have seen different heroes for same element.

@whatisthis is Correct, in each elemental summons, you have the same odds of drawing heroes of the same tier. The highest odds are obviously the 3* of that element, followed by the 4*, then the 5*.

The featured heroes are always the 5s of those respective elements as a form of enticement for you to make the draw, so for yellow, you might start seeing banners featuring Leonidas, Joon, Justice, Vivica on rotation, but the odds of drawing them are the same and you can see the odds in the little exclamation mark on the top left corner before you draw. Even tough 3s and 4s are in the mix, it won’t be a very enticing ad if it shows featuring Gan Ju now would it?

Gan Ju: Aww, that makes me a saaaaaaad Panda.
Hu Tao: It’s ok bro.

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It’s just an advertisement. You have the same odds as always for pulling a 5*

I wasnt saying they dont feature different heros. Just meant that depth in useful season 1 regular 5* is shrinking more and more everytime SG releases vetter heros and the 5 I named are probably goin to be the only 5 still chased after next year. Rest will pretty much be obsolete. Very fast and fast heros are dominating the game and useful slow mana 5* are a dying breed

Yes, @Rigs understood what you are trying to say and on gameplay-wise, the new heroes and the new HoTMs are getting stats and abilities that surpass the original heroes of the same tiers that are starting to make them look obsolete. But that just goes to show how this game is evolving too with introduction of features through updates.

But for the variety / collection seekers in the player base, like myself who only have less than a handful of 5 stars, any one else besides the ones I already have are going to be nice to have. Most fast / very fast mana heroes share similar limitations in that their abilities are hindered to single / splash damage strikes and faster heroes do generally have slightly less defense/hit points to compensate for their high powered offense than their normal/slow counterparts.

To make other heroes viable again, I’d say would have to rely on balancing, or any future game enhancements so that one person’s 4^80 Azlar does not necessarily equal to someone else’s 4^80 not just because of the troops they are paired with, but also some equipment or relics they are equipped with that might give them abilities that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

I didnt read it all. But i agree.

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