Features behind paywall

I have seen that some abilities , important ones , are behind a paywall . Let me ilustrate this .

Everyone knows that healing is available since very begining in the game. But , yellow healing is behind a paywall. Yes , its subyugated to an epic event sheep.
Good luck getting one …if not you have to wait to pull Vivica … An slow hero that is not the jewel of the crown .
Another paywall yellow healer . Dalilah …

Mana block / Silence .

Another amazing ability reserved to Proteus, Hansel, Merlín, Peters , Hel…

Green attack Booster.

And this is the more disgusting of all… When you intended to at least release a decent green attack booster (on costume chamber ) you change it and made her a copy of Inari.
Green attack boosters behind the paywall


I hope SG balance this feature a little bit . Releasing a good healer in yellow or a decent green attack booster is not going to hurt you! …i think

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