Featured message not working

Featured message is not working and never has for me and our co leaders. Always says “the name you provided is already taken”

I’ve been to other groups and ALL have the featured message pinned on the top

@VanCityNative so there’s no confusion, let’s make sure you’re trying to set the message correctly. If these are the steps you’re taking and you still get an error, a help ticket may be your only recourse.

Here’s how to set a Featured Message:

Click on the ‘Alliance’ icon at the bottom of your screen…

Click on the ‘Settings’ button (Note: Only a leader or co-leader can access this I believe)…

Enter your message in the box and click the save button.

Once you get a Featured Message set, you can then modify it directly from the Featured Message. If the message is ever completely erased, you’ll have to follow the steps above to get it back.

Hopefully this solves your issue. If not, let us know here and maybe someone will have another idea :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s exactly how I do it, but it has never worked. This is what I get when trying to save

Can you show us a picture of what the screen looks like right before you hit save?

You’re not just setting the featured message. You’re actually setting all of the alliance data. And it sounds like for some reason the alliance name portion is duplicating the name of another alliance (at least as far as the unique names algorithm is concerned).

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Most definitely it’s the alliance name, which I suppose is something you are trying to update too. There is already an alliance by that same name and hence the game won’t allow you to use this particular name. You need to change it to something that is not used by anyone. Hope this helps. Attached is a screenshot of the other alliance. :slight_smile:


No, not trying to update the alliance name, already our name. Just trying to set the featured message…
I’ve just tested the description as well, I can’t change that either, obvious glitch to allow both our alliance’s with the same name

Update, date on when I created the alliance


This is definitely worth contacting Support about, so they can resolve the duplicate name issue.


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