Featured Message Background Color inconsistent across platforms

We have noticed that on Android devices, the featured message background is gold, but it is the standard blue still on iOS devices. Alliances will be using colored text in this box, and that makes is too difficult to make readable. The person posting the message cannot see both versions to make sure. Please either make the iOS one gold or return the Android one to blue until you can figure them both out.

EDIT - This is apparently not specific to what platform you are on. Both the images posted here are from members with the latest updates.


On my Samsung device, the background is blue.

On my Samsung phone, the background is gold.

Thanks! I edited my original post.

I love the new brown board but we are having the same issue with our members. Hopefully it’s a quick fix. I appreciate that SG responded quickly to our request to make the featured message board stand out from the blue background.

Just to make sure, both players are in version 20.1.1 BUILD 965 right? You can check it by going to “About” section under settings. I am asking this because the previous build did not have the gold message board, even though both were version 20. :slight_smile:

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OMG I just realized I’m calling it Brown and everyone else is saying gold.

I’m having my own blue dress or gold dress moment :joy::rofl::smiley:


The update was forced afew hours ago, you can’t get into the game without it

@Redeye thank you for this info. I do type in gold from my iPhone so I’m blue background & using yellow color but no one on an Android mentioned any difficulty reading so this is good info. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully the developers will fix this issue.
Happy gaming :slightly_smiling_face:

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Depends on the platform you are using. I had to go to Playstore to check for the latest update and saw that it was available. I had to do it manually. The game does not force you to do any updates.

It does remove support for previous versions, which means you can’t log in without them. But it is indeed always your choice to update.

Ok. I didn’t know that. Usually my phone does not auto update softwares, so I have played EnP several times without updating and didn’t realise it until I couldn’t raid someone else who was on a different version or when checking another player’s profile saying that they are playing on a different version. Then as usual I go to the store and see that their is an update but my phone didn’t do it. I am on Android platform.

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Is it only on Android? I’m ios; I just checked for updates but the last one was 2 days ago:


Well, I guess so. In Android it is showing last updated yesterday.

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