Featured heroes rotation on Tavern of Legends

Now that we’re on Tavern of Legends time, I wish they would improve the rotation system.
Since they introduced the costumes, the only rotations for featured heroes have been the ones with costumes.
This makes other heroes practically impossible to get.

For example, I’m in badly need of better heroes for red titans… I have no Frida (or K. Arthur) nor Miki.
Where to get them? Only Tavern of Legends. At what chance? At less than 0.005% chance to get them (current chances are 0.9% for the ENTIRE pool of non-featured heroes, which makes it very very small)

This could be partially solved by keeping a healthy rotation on featured heroes, or adding a different summon dynamic.

To finalize with ToL: Really 4 days are absolutely unnecessary for this event. 2 days are MORE than enough. Better give those extra days to Atlantis rises or any other like that.