Featured heroes have a lower chance to pull than non-featured in Goblin summon…

0.5% for two not featured heroes
0.4% for two featured heroes

Very misleading…


I was laughing, too when I saw that :smiley:

while normally I would assume developers to know what is going on and have a good reason for what they are doing, in this game I am 99% certain it´s just another lack of quality control and some fool thought: oh, let´s reduce the chance for a hit and then give them 2 heroes instead, because a bigger randomness is good for our bottom line. And nobody even looked at the actual game (or generally has a bigger picture view of the game as a whole) to see that they have come up with a system where featured heroes are less likely than unfeatured ones lol…


The game has turned into a complete circus run by incompetent clowns. It’s clear they no longer care about quality and are just releasing broken, mistake filled event after broken, mistake filled event.

I wouldn´t call them incompetent, actually the opposite: They are extremely competent on making money by selling junk. First producing a quality product costs money and why do that if junk sells just fine?


I’m sure this has been done before in other portals.

For those wanting the mega minion ones and saying they wouldn’t pull till the mega ones are featured it’s actually a winner to go for them now if 0.1% is your thing.

Or was it the mega minions aren’t out yet. I can’t remember and haven’t checked.

Is this summons worth pulling from?

Im 10 pulls short of fated summons and have about 11k gems. Figured maybe i could lill two birds with one stone with a ten pull?

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not the first one, this is a new rule, elemental summon is even worse

They probably were originally intending to release the mega minions heroes also so there would be more heroes in the unfeatured pool, but decided to hold them out and didn’t bother to change the odds.

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I was just about to ask if this portal was
Worth the gems. Now I have no idea but I’m pretty sure it isn’t :rofl:

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Im still not sure either if i should pull or not haha

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Has anyone done any maths on this? There are 72 heroes in the portal, mostly S1.

2 featured heroes at 0.4% probability
2 Non featured 5* at 0.5% probability

If you do a 10x pull, what are the chances of getting one of those 5* Goblins?

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0%. Ask me a hard one. The reason it’s 0% is that you get them in pairs. If you get one, you get another as a bonus.

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Wow :joy:

You numbered me to death. Awesome math :joy:

What maths do you need done? It´s 0.9% probability you get 2 of them.

Which means on average you need to do more than 100 pulls to get anything at all, but if you do that you get a better than usual outcome (1.8 is more than the usual 1.3 or 1.6 you get from these portals)

The more interesting question would be to calculate how big the chance is to get a specific featured or a specific non-featured one :smiley: