Featured hero rates

Hi there!
Valhalla featured hero have less summon rate that non-featured. Is that correct ?

And atlantis summon for example

Yes, that’s correct. It’s always been 0.3% appearance rate.
You can check it here :

That is correct. But if you want to be technical about it, there are a total of 14 S3 legendaries already available in the Valhalla portal. Excluding the current featured S3 legendary hero, there are 13 S3 legendaries in the pool of non-featured heroes for S3. 1.3% (rate where a non-featured S3 legendary will fall on the summoner’s lap) divided by 13 would be 0.1%. That means, each of the non-featured S3 legendary hero has a 0.1% chance to be obtained, while the featured hero has a 0.3% odds of getting that hero.

S2 portal is different. There are 4 featured heroes, 2 of which are S2 legendaries while the other 2 are past HOTMs. Each of the four featured heroes in Atlantis portal has a 0.325% chance every time you summon.

I may be wrong but that is how I understand it.

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