Featured Alliance message chat notification and popup is gone

I just changed our Featured Alliance Message and thought I didn’t save it, because there was no mention of it in the chat.

But it was saved - the chat message and the pop up of the featured message, when the chat is opened, are missing. It also didn’t pop up in my alt account.

Was this in an update or is this a bug?

Now it’s visible again. Never had such a chat hiccup before…

Can be closed

and easily be reopened.

Nope, I don’t mean that.

The [System] announcement and the pop up when the message was changed, was missing. Normally after a change the whole message pops up when you open the chat.

Might have to do with the “Titan wasn’t announced”-Thread, that’s a system message, too.

Sry my English is under all pig today^^

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