Feature/suggestion for team power display

Could SG developers consider creating a setting that shows one score for offense and one for defense for opponents? This would allow players to see the opponents strength of the defense and decide whether or not they want to attack. So for example the offense strength might be say 2576, the defense strength might be 3663. So in the place of the team score the score can actually read something like this 2576/3663. The first number being offense and the second being defense. This would be more relative to the actual team strength/weaknesses than team power. The puzzle, players choices of heroes, and other game variables will still impact the final outcome, but it would make the playing field more level. Currently the way there team power is shown makes an opposing team strength very misleading.

Could you clarify what you’re looking for based on this screenshot?

You can see I have two different numbers circled. They both represent different things, but I think that they both represent what you’re looking for.

Welcome errrr I think they may want the teams highest offence as well ?
So may choose not to attack! As people will put a decent team out on defence some maxed out 4* and maybe a 5*
But they have better heros in there rosta and when they revenge it’s gonna be pretty easy for them.
I normally look at level and judge on that if i think there dodgy or not.


Got it. Though I’m still not sure how you figured that out from the OP. I’d rather get to see the attacking team that defeated (or lost to) my defense after the fact (I couldn’t find the post asking for this, but I feel like I’ve seen it suggested). Seeing a number up front that doesn’t tell me a lot about the other team, and at least for me, where I don’t care about trophies, it wouldn’t impact my decision to attack. In fact, I’d rather lose the revenge trophies so that I can zip through my raids for my chest.

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I actually posted for a fellow Alliance member. We’re interested in seeing offense/defense numbers for any opponent. Not just in raids, but in wars as well. As I understand it, when you’re going up against an opponent having a number for the attack and defense helps when you make decisions related to heroes you select to use in a battle.

Personally, I think the gold cups is a perfectly useless number. I look at the team shown on the prep screen and build my attack team accordingly, but in an alliance war, it apparently makes a diff??? There’s a great deal of statistics involved in the game, but I came close to failing statistics in college. Not my strong suit.

For raids, I use them to see what heroes have strengths I’m looking for, so when one lands in my hero roster, I can decide if I want to keep it or use it for leveling up other heroes. I’ve mostly 4* and 5* heroes for eight teams to date, and I’m learning what mixes work well and what don’t in raids. While I know the puzzle pieces are a big variable in winning a battle, I’ve found that the right mix of heroes ups my odds, and I’ve learned that by studying the heroes I go up against. That strategy has also helped in my tournament playing, which I do for possible prizes at different levels. Never gotten higher than 50% prize level, but I’m striving to hit 25% on a somewhat regular basis with a strong combo of heroes.

I hope this makes sense. Ohhhh, and I shouldn’t have said team power in the subject line. I think the member is asking about alliances not teams when looking at the alliance we’re matched up with. So this way if we know the strength of their offense as opposed to their overall team power for defense, we can adjust our own defense strategy for a member’s individual team. Does that make more sense?

So I think that what you’re asking for is a hero’s offensive capability versus it’s defensive capability. For instance, Kelile/Gravemaker are purely damage dealers. They don’t buff or heal as a side effect. These heroes would have higher relative offensive ratings. Someone like Richard might be a little more evenly split. He does good damage, but he also has good defense and debuffs attack which helps his team survive. A healer like Rigard would be purely defensive.

Is that what you have in mind?

Problem is, offensive capability does not boil down to a single number.

The offensive team can be composed with respect to the specific defense it’s about to face. The two most common concerns are stacking – usually against the tank, but at least with some respect to the defense – and what counters to bring – usually cleansers and dispellers, but buffers and debuffers can also be brought to counter the defense lineup. If you have them.

A simple number won’t reflect the availability of good offensive options. Maybe I have a strong lineup lineup against one defense; I might still have nothing good to bring against another.