Feature Request - War Battlefield see Team Power & Flag Available without selecting each team

Please make all the team powers and the war strikes visible for everyone.

Why make us have to click on each team to see that info.

FYI - At the end of a war - Our alliance looks to see who did not use any of their war hits at all. We keep track of this.

Yeah. I want this. Easy to identify the targets in war


I have too look at war n titan hits record the history who hit who left flags. Its not that hard realy as it maybe a few people and sometimes you can guess the subject is in war as maybe a repeat offender. Not a priority on sgg list on things to fix :wink::+1:

I would say this is a really easy fix. Its already there - just make it visible all the time.

You meen like people on the war filed has a number of flags next to there name?
Jon(3) Aaron (2) Pete (6)
Yeah that could be more handy

This is a good idea.

Definitely second this one. Simple but great idea.


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it is annoying every time I am choosing opponent team from battlefield that I have to click on each team to show its team power(this detail shiws me who I will attack).Why it is not shown directly above every team, just after click a than is hided again?

Also there are a lot of other things that shoud be less annoying - in many part of the game is a lot of unnecessary clicks to get to something or somewhere… A lot of annoying rutine in the game…many players play this game every day for months even years and this shoud significantly decrease their lost time in rutine…

…confusing hero roster if upgrading heroes - hide inapplicable heroes for that.They are shadowed but we have to scroll long list down to get to applicable ones. And sort by color shoud by while upgrading better too.
… in forge list of items show on each item number of possible items to craft (calculated from number of necessary ingredients, food or iron I have in inventory and I can spend)…so just before clicking on craft button
… an so on and so on…

“Claim all” in training camp was very good thing so do more things like that…

sorry for my english

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That sounds like a good idea

It would be nice to see the hit counter next to each alliance member instead of having to select each user. The way it is, you have to select each member to see who has war hits left. Would make managing the alliance a lot quicker and easier.

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