Feature request: Titan attack statistics

A very small enhancement that doesn’t even worth a special topic, but I didn’t find any other for posting this.

Game doesn’t provide means for collecting Titan attack statistics. We have a log of current attacks and we have a resulting table in a chat, but it is not always enough. We can’t review these logs later on, as they are available a very limited time.

So it would be nice to have an ability to download a log of attacks, once Titan was defeated or it escaped. It can be in a CSV format, thus it can be later analyzed in Excel or a similar application. Each row should contain the following information:

  1. Time of the attach since the Titan appeared
  2. Nick of an Alliance member
  3. Hit points

In addition to this information it is good to know how much time passed since a previous Titan. This can help understanding how many Alliance energy was recovered between Titans.

This feature doesn’t require storage space on a game server and looks quite easy for implementation.

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