Feature Request: Hero sort by favorite


Card management is a little awkward in trying to count fodder cards and similar and I find myself doing silly things like putting random cards that I don’t want to feed away into teams 2 and 3 just to get them out of the way.

While the favorite function does work for making certain they don’t get fed, would it be possible to add in an option to sort by them off the top to make scrolling through the list counting to 10 (or whatever you choose to do short of just feeding at random intervals) easier for those of us who prefer to do 10 on color per levelup use from a max efficiency standpoint.

Many thanks!


You can sort by color


That’s actually my default sort value; this is a minor thing as it’s a feature I’ve seen in other games where there’s lots of cards to manage (Puzzle and Dragons for example) and it’s a small quality of life thing.

On the flipside it’s probably easy to implement so figured I’d suggest it… if it doesn’t make the cut ain’t no big thing just some additional time parsing the deck every time I go to level stuff up, but that gets done a few times a day and that adds up over time so may be worth considering from a development standpoint.