Favourite Season 1 Heroes

Inspired by @TGW to create this topic.

Who are your favourite Season 1 Heroes? Why? I don’t think of costume versions as S1, so please don’t include them.

My favourites

Sorry Lianna, he is my favourite S1 sniper. I enjoy blinding enemies :smiling_imp:, and love to pair him with Jackal. In fact, so much that I decided to max Joon #3 (I’m very c2p).

4* cleanser is so valuable these days. Back in the day, he was the only 4* cleanser.

He buffs attack AND defence. I still refer to him as a powerful cutie! :joy:

Hoping to get at least a few replies…


Ok, for me I have a few …


Magni (because I don’t have him yet)
Marjana (my only maxed S1 sniper and she gets a lot of usage)

Rigard (pseudo 5* with emblems)


Red :fire:

Green :leaves:

Blue :ice_cube:

Yellow :yellow_circle:

Purple :purple_circle:

Some of them are not the best pick from its colour like Elena and Chao but i like the design . Particularly i love Elena high attack stat.
Rigard is the best purple 4☆ but i dont like his design.

Meh i will add him anyways i use him everytime



Nice to see some appreciation for Chao.
Fast mana is great and his mana cut can be handy. Sadly I don’t use him much these days (since I have Jackal and Mist).


My favourite S1 hero is Richard, with Kiril, Grimm and talents he csn deal really huge damage


Sartana was my first 5* and one of my favorites, although not my first maxed 5*. Caedmon also has a huge place in my heart. I always feel he never gets the love that Sonya does. Too bad, because he’s awesome! Of course Rigard, because…Rigard.

Marjana was the featured elemental when I started and I always wanted her. Finally got her a couple of months ago and maxed her quickly. She has added so much to my red mono team, so she’s there too.


I have too many Caedmon. :sweat_smile: Hoping to get his costume soon.


Hahaha! That’s me with Proteus. So far, I have pulled nine. Wish I could send a few to my teammates!


I know general consensus of Thorne is more negative ~ average, but he’s definitely my favorite Season 1 5*. Thorne was one of the first 5*s I got and with Morgan carried me through season 1 map and raids. His damage at 3.70 in platinum raid was absolutely devastating. I used him as my tank for diamond and even reached rank 1 with him, and stayed for a solid six or seven minutes before getting dropped like a two ton brick. (I also have a personal head canon that he’s Commander Grey’s brother.)

The alliance I’m in currently uses blue tanks and he’s the only one I got, and he’s definitely taken a beating for my team.

Kiril was the first 4* healer I got from the game so I used him for a lot of things, running him in offense raids and the map with Thorne. While his healing was a bit low for my taste, he definitely brought a lot of utility that my team lacked.

Brienne was an awesome 3* and she was so good when paired with Gunnar. Funnily enough, when trials first came out, my roster was a bit lacking in diversity still, but she helped me get through a couple of them (of course I still nuked the stage 3 bosses). Sadly she’s been out of use after I removed Gunnar for Thorne.


Sabina and Kiril - my first 4* healers, a big step up from Belith and Hawkmoon, and helped me complete a lot of new content

Gormek - my very first 4*, still sees action vs Titans and on raids

Joon - was so happy when i pulled him, he made stacking Yellow more viable and fun


Most favourite vanilla 5* is Lianna. I have so much joy when I got her from TC20. She is my 2nd 5* green after Tarlak (the only s2 5* I have)

Most fav. 4* is Kiril and Rigard. Hard to decide between them. They are the still the best healers in the game. At least for me, because I don’t really have those fancy 5* healers (not even vivica)

Most fav. 3* is valen. Simple because I got him early in the game… after the generic bane of course


Love this thread!

I have much love for sartana since I have to rely on her for my purple snipe… no costume.

I’ve chosen to max doubles in her, Marjana, and joon. No regrets.

Rigard, bold, caed, and Sonya get used often. So glad they included the cleanse for caed and sonya’s costume.

I’ve even taken advantage of some 3* dupes… tyrum and brienne get used often. Bane and Balthazar do too.


Hands down favorite, no contest… Boldtusk!

In Bold, I trust.

Solid go-to guy for nearly any possible situation.

Have many second favorites as well.

Ehhh you said costumes don’t count, so I’ll leave Rigard out. He’s pretty solid on his own even without the costume, but I’ve gotten accustomed to his costumed version…

Lianna is elegantly perfect in her utter simplicity. Beautiful sniper. Nothing less, nothing more.

Wu Kong, that crazy monkey man. Wild and unpredictable, but he can do some major damage when he’s not missing 90% of his hits.

Several other honorable mentions, nearly all of whom have a usefulness… even the most useless among them can occasionally be useful. Example: Obakan. Who is basically a 5* hero with a 4* level of special skill. But even he can be moderately useful in the right situation. Mostly as a kamikaze sacrificial lamb, but hey… a win is a win, sometimes you have to break an Obakan or two to make an omelet. :grin:

Ultimately the first three major game changers for me were Melendor, Boldtusk, and Wu Kong. The three of those together carried me up from a point of feeling weak and useless in every aspect of the game, to a point to where I was actually able to survive and do some decent damage.

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We are talking about Favourite TC hero, not Strongest, right?

Sartana is my favourite classic hero.

When i started the game, there wasn’t so big variety of heroes and a lot of people were still using her on defense, so she easily captured my attention. I was so impressed by her visual look/card, it was like i was looking at Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent (guess no point saying how much i like Jolie :sweat_smile:)

I used to “wear” for a long time her avatar :blush:


Topic says favorite, not necessarily strongest. Which is why I nominated Boldtusk.

My BT admittedly has a full costume bonus and +20 emblems, making him actually stronger than my Marjana currently in terms of pure power levels. But I came to love him long before I had his costume or any emblems on him.

Melendor was my first 4* healer and he was a major game changer early on.

Wu Kong gave me a major boost in my personal titan scores before I was fortunate enough to pull Mki.

Boldtusk though was just amazing in every possible situation. Offensively, defensively, PvP, PvE, titans, all around. With the exceptions of situations where red damage is reflected, he is overall by far my most used and most useful hero.


Favourite 5* Sartana, but I hope to catch Lianna sooner or later

Favourite 4* Grimm (only because I can’t consider C. Rigard)


Nice to see love for Thorne. I know a top eventer using Thorne on his challenge event team. He just went top 100 in Grimforest Legendary.

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Yes, favourite.

Sartana was my first purple 5*. I was so happy to get her from tc20. I was literally level 60. :joy::rofl:

My favourite 5* was Elena. One shotting enemy hoards on the map was always fun :grin:

Favourite 4*…Caed or Sonja. How cool is fast dispel?

Rigard of course for his healing but I really did like Papa Smurf and Tin T*ts.


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