Favoriting Troops

I realize that this has been suggested a few times, but it still hasn’t been implemented. I really wish that you could favorite troops just like you can favorite heroes so that you don’t have to constantly sort through which troops you want to keep and which you want to feed. Especially now that challenge events encourage players to keep duplicate 2* and 3* troops, I’m tired of counting and recounting my lower level troops to make sure I don’t throw away ones I want to keep.


I agree, I ended up using one of my team slots for my 3* hero 2* troop team so that I couldn’t accidently feed my 2* troops away…


We need this! I don’t need season 2 or alliance wars. Please fix the existing problems.

I agree. Just a quick tip in the mean time. It helps to lvl the troops you want to keep to lvl 2, it is easier to sort

Ps I do need alliance wars and season 2, definitely way more than making troops favourite. But that would make a nice little (and I think easily implemented) feature too


I did the same, but have so many troops I want to keep that ran out of safe slots.

I will add my voice to this. I have hesitated making this very request because it has been discussed and requested before. Considering the amount of time and resources that it takes to get troops to a decent level, this ought to be a priority.


And accidents do happen feeding troops. Three times in my case. :scream:

Luckily it was only some 2* troops I levelled a bit for monthly challenge events. With the 2* you don’t even get the warning before feeding.

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Designating troops as “Favorite” so that they are LOCKED and cannot be accidently fed is a desperately needed feature improvement for Troops (in the Barracks).

The present system is klunky and prone to mistakes when leveling troops. I hate it when I feed a troop I’m actively working on improving to a higher * troop by mistake.

Please make the Troops be like the Heros which can be LOCKED from their being used accidently. This should be very easy to impliment and would be greatly appreciated by those who have fed troops in error.

Thank you in advance for fixing this small aggrivation.




Feature added with a previous version! Thanks SG!

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