"Favorite troops" lock


Probably been asked before and is a somewhat silly request but… would it be possible to flag a troop as favorite, much like you do with heroes, to avoid accidentally feeding it to another?
Spoken in much pain after I fed my crit 4* blue troop to my 4*blue mana group :sob:

If many voices ask for that maybe it will get on the devs agenda :wink::crossed_fingers:t2:

Favourite lock for troops
Update favorite troops lock
Favorite Troops
Update favorite troops lock
Let us “lock” our Troops like we lock our wanted hero’s
Let us “lock” our Troops like we lock our wanted hero’s

We have it for the heroes, could be nice to have it.


Totally agree. I am with you mate


With events now needing lower * troops for Intermediate and Beginner if you choose to do them, I think favorite is more important than previously as it’s far easier to accidentally feed a 2* or 3* in my estimation.

I sorted it by simply leveling the troops I wanted to keep to a minimum of level 2, and then know not to feed anything that is higher than level 1, but this isn’t as elegant of a solution as simply being able to favorite troops.


I thought so often about this…


Troops cost a lot of hambones… it would be nice if there was a way to protect our investments. Or at least a way to delineate the troops that we have started to level.



Would be a great idea and very little effort

@rook this looks like to be the oldest threat on this


Great idea, very little effort required, as it has been in the game for months.
It’s easiest to access from the inventory screen - just go to the troop inventory, select one, tgen click on the lock icon like for a hero.


There is a way to lock Troops currently in the game.

Click on Barracks, Click Troops, Click the blue [?] in the upper right of your selected troop:

Click the lock symbol above the troop (white is locked):


I think there should be a lock available for our troops so we don’t accidentally feed leveled troops to other troops, it would function just like our wanted Hero lock.


You already can. Go to your roster, edit your team. Click on your troop, click on the little question mark. You should see a lock, just like your heroes.




You can do the same from within the barracks or your inventory


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Stated in the release notes 1.11, it says the much requested favorite lock for troops has been added. Has anyone found this lock - I was looking for it - maybe I need glasses - but I can’t seem to find it?


When you visit the Hero Roster, and ‘Edit Team’ select a troop and any of the troops listed, hit the question-mark at the top-right corner, inside of the troop block. You’ll see the lock on the top-left corner of the Troop details block. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much - I didn’t go far enough, apparently. :slightly_smiling_face:


it’s a great addition. Almost as good as the earlier stealth-update which made it so that you could spectate and click “revenge” in watchtower without having to scroll from the top every time you chose not to commence attack :smile:


For those who need a visual.

Go to Barracks, click Troops, click a troop, and click the lock, upper left:


You can also access the lock from the Troop tab in the inventory screen.