Favorite Hero Combos

Well that depends on which ascension items you have already. Do you have enough to level any colors yet? Also what do you focus on the most? Raids? Titans? Wars?

Titans, Raids then AW is pretty much the order of which I have my priorities right now.

I read a guide on the forums the other day talking about this (and variations of) raiding strategy. I will have to give it a shot when i see an opponent that I can do that with. I do it with titans often and once I started I saw a huge jump in my damage. It always freaks me out when the tiles appear and the colors I need are either not on the board or there are too few of them and they are spread all out!

What do you do when that happens? I tend to still try and get the diamonds set up so I can clear as many of the colored tiles that are useless to me as possible in hopes that the colors I want will show up en masse. it rarely happens like that for me, but it’s about the only thought process that makes logical sense to me.

Looking at your items it looks like you are good to go for Green and Yellow.

Yellow I would definitely focus on Wukong and max him out, he’s #1 for Titans and very good for events as well. Raiding wise he is hit or miss, some people love him some people don’t. If you get familiar with him he definitely will let you beat teams that are 300+ power over yours.

Green I would say the choice is between Melendor and Little John. Both are pretty good titan choices since they both have pretty high tile damage. It is up to you whether you want a healer/dispeller or a AoE/mana controller.

Level Melendor: I would then go with Merlin/Gormek OR Tiburtus/Scarlett
Level Little John: I would go with Rigard and Gormek.
Always essential on titans to have a defense down.

Blue: It looks like you already used your capes on Alasie so finish her first but start working on Kiril right after, he’s an essential hero for titans and everything else.

Eventually you’ll take all your 4* to 3/60 anyways or even max so once you finish maxing out a color or you’re stopped by lack of ascension materials, work on the next hero of that color. Remember that feeding same color will be the most efficient even though it might feel slower.

Edit: Remember, except for some very specific heroes that a 4/70 4* hero is always stronger than a 3/70 5* hero.

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Appreciate the feedback

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You do you best to survive while clearing out the off color tiles.
It doesn’t always work.

Try to avoid hitting their big single hitters, and aim for healers (especially early in the game)

Stacking your heroes causes the damage to increase exponentially.

This is a great read if you are into numbers

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I love this team for Season 1 province 22-8, which has only red and yellow enemies. I farm it for midnight roots

stacking strong colors; Triton boosts Sabina and Aeron, Aeron prevents M. Lepus’ defense from dropping. and of course, Proteus is Proteus.

could also swap Sabina out and Kiril in. but the bosses are 2 yellows so I prefer having more purples

and i like this team for farming in low levels.

Once they are powered up: Brienne boosts, and Melia / Li Xiu / Jack / Skittles take one wave out each. whoever has their mana full kills the boss.

I usually put Kiril with the mana troop and Scarlett with a crit troop in the same offense team, because their skills complement each other very well.

Another combo I really like for destroying teams that rely on DoT is Khiona and Red Hood, although this is a much more rare combination for any player to own. But if you have it… just take them to a poison mist stage in Atlantis, and you’ll see how crazy good they are together.

One of my favorite teams to raid with, tank color allowing for it, is:

Wu, Vivica, Scarlett, Boldtusk, Wilbur. Specifically, Wu + Wilbur is devastating.

Also, I got lucky a few months ago with some elemental debuffers, so pairing things like Evelyn + Buddy or Frida + Wilbur (I know, I know, but after a little over a year, I’ve still never pulled Grimm), are new and exciting to me!

BT + Wilbur + Falcon + Azlar

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My funnest team to raid with is Tusk, Azlar, Sumi, Azlar, Wilbur. Either a glorious win (even vs blue tanks) or an epic flameout. Either way it’s quick :grin:

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My favorite combo I use every raid is eve and lianna - fast mana pair that can 1-2 pretty much any hero. If there is a red tank I bring Grimm, Frida and kiril, average mana speed but much the same - not many heroes survive the frida Grimm 1-2 punch when they have the +att

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Alby+Ariel. Continuous healing and mana regen (with a cleanse to boot)=increased chances of revive=win

Pretty much every event, quest, and farm level has these two where I can just auto play and save myself a lot of time.

Khiona + Wilbur + wukong

An AOE attack while khiona’s effect and wilbur’s effect active will give you instant +144% dmg + wukong’s buff. THAT HURTS

Proteus & Tiburtus on raids…same color & mana speed
…stun with Proteus, decrease defense with Tiburtus…then massively hit with tiles doing more dmg while granting no mana to the victim

And yes I only have 4*.

Like to have Grimm then I would go Kiril - Grimm - Sonya.

My main Attack Team is:

Panther, Victor, Delilah, Athena, Alasie

I love Kiril - Wilbur - Wu Kong - Queen of Hearts - Agwe :slight_smile:

A lot of good team builds are being shown here! Excellent stuff.

As the months have progressed my roster has exploded with viable heroes in one way or another.

Wu+Wilbur has proven to be essential for me on every single Titan fight. Stack three strong colors for the remaining spots. I acquired Evelyn and G. Falcon recently so they get added if they are the appropriate strong colors. Wow, what a difference those two can make when Wu+Wilbur are there. Tiles doing 4k damage?!!! Still have not beaten my 60k+ high score yet, but I still have some leveling to do with Evelyn (4/65) and G. Falcon (3/30).

With all my new heroes, it’s going to be difficult for me to decide on my defense team.


Any chance someone made a table with all this information?

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