Favorite Hero Combos

So, you have been playing for awhile, got a nice stock pile of heroes, some of which are leveled and kicking butt and you have had a chance to field most if not all of the heroes on your roster in a variety of different team builds.

My question to you semi-advanced to high-end players is this: After all of your experimenting with putting different heroes together, what are your favorite hero combos to use? Do you use them for Raiding, AW, Titans, or all of them because the combination of said heroes is so good?

For instance, I really enjoy putting Gretel and Merlin on the same team, love the impact they can have on a fight. I tend to use these two heroes together for raiding or story mode when the stage has monsters with mana on every board.

What are your favorites?

Wu-Isarnia-Sartana-Tiburtus-Rigard against yellow titans

G falcon riding high cover for Gravemaker works


Panther + Sartana makes for a great combo


Arthur + Magni

Falcon + Kestrel

Falcon + Grave

Wu + Zeline + BT

Hansel + Merlin

Jackak + Joon


Boldtusk with guardian falcon and Scarlett paired with tiburtus and Wu Kong, everything stacks for massive damage.


My favorite team so far is my general-purpose raid/event team:

Most of the basics are covered, plus they all synergize really well together:

  • Boldtusk + Tiburtus for a large damage boost
  • Sonya + Chao makes for a good quick 1-2 punch against high-defense or healing enemies
  • Chao + Little John slows enemy mana to a crawl (very useful for events)
  • Tiburtus + Sonya to remove most (if not all) defense-related buffs from enemies
  • Tiburtus + Little John to sweep up minions quickly

This team does have trouble against enemies with heavy DOT or debuffs since there’s no cleanser, but for most other foes this team can win raids almost into Diamond tier.


@lexinen nice run down, love the explanations surrounding each pairing. Good tips for me to consider. Thank you

It seems Falcon is a popular hero. Haven’t pulled that one yet :frowning:

Wu seems to get used a lot as well. I recently pulled him and have played around with him some. When he works, he works! Best I can do is pair him with Brienne for now. Which still works well for my level. Love seeing that massive tile damage!

@havok333 I recently pulled Sartana, but no Panther. Can’t wait to level Sartana. I can put together a team of 5* heroes…Sartana, Redhood, Alasie, Lianna, Marjana. They end up stacking a ton of DoT’s, which has been fun to goof around with, but only a handful of them have been leveled. Still, I can see the devastating possibilities of having them all leveled. They can put down some damage!

Thanks for everyone’s responses :slight_smile:

For the longest time when I only had my first rainbow team I used a lot of

BT + Tib + Grimm

Been hoping BT would show up in one of my pulls, but he still eludes me

It is so weird some heroes never show up, some show up over and over, I’ve pulled BT from TC13 and from pulls and have like 4 now.

These are the heroes I’m working with after a little over 10 weeks

I do about 95% of my raiding with one of these teams.

thank you for your useful information :smiley:

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You got pretty lucky, some people go a loooong time without pulling Wu Kong. I would say you might want to focus a little bit more when you level seems like it’s all over the place. Most important is to get a strong main team first. I see you’ve already leveled some 3* to max so I would start focusing on a rainbow 4* team next.

Delilah + Thoth-Amun

Minion heads working overtime is a beautiful thing.

@DMP Yeah, I have made 3 or 4 10x pulls and they were weeks apart from each other. So After the first pull I started to level some heroes, then another 10x pull and I ended up with heroes I liked better so started leveling them, it just kept going like that on each pull, lol.

It doesn’t help that I have ADD and my thoughts and plans for the heroes go back and forth, difficult for me to stick to leveling the same heroes for weeks.

Still not completely satisfied with all the 4* on my roster, feels like I am missing some key players! But I will level the heroes I have for now and see what the next pull…squirrel!..oh sorry, ADD kicked in again…where was I?..Oh yeha, I will level them as best I can until I get those key players. It’s not efficient, but neither is my brain at times :stuck_out_tongue:

I do want to nail down a strong 4* team for the events…Feels like I have a good base to work with. Just not entirely sure what the best options are for the roster I have as far as 4* only team builds go. Suggestions?


This is my God team. I’m leveling up boldtusk right now. Any ideas who should I replace in my first team?

I almost always raid with a 3-2 set up
3 heroes strong against the opposing tank and 2 heroes strong against the next toughest or healer.

Lately I’ve had success raiding against teams with red tanks using this setup

Kiril - Gretel - Perseus - Alaise - Wu Kong

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My defensive team is my favorite…
From left to right. Tyrum, Bane, Oberon, (holy support), Silthus. Alternating purple, yellow, purple, yellow, purple. So I have a question.
What holy support of two stars would any of you suggest for this combo? Nash, Shaji, Hou?

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