Favorite 5* Special Animation?

This is a touchy subject for some, because many feel the special animations obscure the board and are little more than an annoyance. However, if everything was just straight-up damage calculations, it wouldn’t be fun and the 5* specials wouldn’t seem QUITE as cool or devastating. A previous post I replied to gave me the idea, because two newer hero animations really stood out:

Zimkitha – I like her “dawn strike” rising sun-style animation… was my favorite… until I tried out Onatel.

For me? Onatel’s special animation is THE coolest.

What about you?


I really like Wilbur’s jingle and Musashi’s dragon.


I saw one earlier that reminded me of ‘razor leaf’ from Pokemon, can’t remember who’s special it was though!

Wilbur’s is pretty neat. Although, speaking of S2, I kinda feel like Tarlak’s is inappropriate because it doesn’t directly do anything to the opposition. Feels like it should be different.

Unless it’s supposed to be a frat-paddle or something…


Lianna, Elena, Viv, Rich etc — I remember being suprised and amazed the first time I saw the classic TC20 5* hero arcane circle thing. It was far more dramatic than any of the 3* and 4* animations. There are fancier ones now but i still really like it.

Wilbur — both the music and the fish made to look like their swimming in a magic circle

Zeline — Despise her special when it goes of because it will definitely devestate if im not immediately ready with a dispell and heal but I think its the prettiest one.

Khiona — i like this animation a good amount too. She’s killing off the enemy by literally carving a penegram into their skin with her swords—savage Khiona, savage. I can tell some extra effort was put into this one, if only I could say the same about her less than original/great card art lmao

You know, I did fail to mention Khiona. Hers is pretty nifty, I agree.

I have never once played with the sound on for E&P so I had no idea there were special sounds, too. haha…

Zeline’s is pretty cool in a hateful kind of way. When I had lesser teams, I would always cringe when it went off. Now I just hope no other enemy hero piles on. (ahem, Evelyn).

I think for simplicity, Lianna is my favorite. It’s a quick arcane circle and arrows. Some of the more ornate ones are a bit much for me (looking at you Aeron).

If i have to pick one from the heroes inside my roaster I have say that i really like Aegir’s animation.
I like Gengis Khagan :joy: one too, i dont know if its unique or not but it kinda gives the feeling of a devastating and powerful strike.

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I really like zimmy and Wilbur at the same time pretty cool combo both visually and devastating to the enemy

Of course firing Wilbur first

Joon - Watching it in the demos and ads is what got me hooked.

While it may not be the fanciest, I still love it. :heart_eyes:

Now I just need to get him! :sleepy:


Mother North and her cauldron :slight_smile:

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Man I dunno if I like MN Animation at all. It seems out of place for the overall meta / graphical thematics… and I have PTSD from my first few encounters with her on the event… lol

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Maybe, but shaking cauldron always look good :smile:

I like the sounds Kage makes when his special goes off.


Aeron - I think his is one of the best. I’ve seen it so often now I don’t really register it, but the first time I saw it and for many times afterwards I thought how amazing it was.

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Yeah I tried hard for Aeron when he came out (failed for him, Zeline & Delilah) but his special is cool.

Delilah’s is just annoying. Stupid philistine…

I think the best one is Elkanen’s moonshine! He’s one of the regular heroes though

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Elkanen is OG, but seeing some love with the advent of Evelyn.

G. Kong, like rolling barrels :laughing:

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Actually… G Kong reminded me of G Owl…

G Owl’s special, when it goes off, inspires terror (based on when he usually goes off).

I like onatel animation. It’s kinda creepy one eye like new world order with eerie music


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