Fav Battle items

What battle items are your go to/you always have selected for map stages/quests?

I always have antidote and small mana


small mana, turtle banner, bear banner, antidotes

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Antitodes is the one that has to be there. I usually have small manas. One attack item, in case things unexpectedly go south (last level of Omega or such). Fourth slot probably has small healings so I don’t accidentally waste something expensive.

However, I seldom use anything but the antidotes.


Revive, small health, small mana, small antidote. Only use when autoplay goes wrong.


Mana pots, small or large. They both need a bone (I think) so why not spend the resources?

For map stages… I never use any battle items

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For maps/quests almost never used items… except maybe Mirages Omega last stage.
Some stages used for events Ninja Tower/Magic Tower, and events challenge.

Standby if goes wrong: small mana, small antidot, small heal, bomb, axes/arrow
For titan: small mana, medium mana, timestop, tornado and mix (bear banner/arrows/axes/super mana)

Generally minor heal and mana, small antidote and maybe axes or arrows in the majority of battles. Usually need none, but good to be prepared. But, whats not to love about tornados or scrolls if you want to go for it on a titan?


Same for the quests and events. I can never figure out the best for titans. I can’t make my own harpoons yet, so I only have those when I can buy them

Why antido is so important?

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I wouldn’t worry about spending gems on harpoons from the shop, especially if you are still at the stage where you don’t have a hunters lodge to craft your own or make use of the titan parts.

I am guessing you are still a newer player as such I’ll offer the same advice I give to lower level developing players in the alliance I play in. Don’t go overboard on fancy mats for the titan at this stage. Until you have the roster to take advantage of them it’s a bit counterproductive. Use value items like mini/ normal mana, arrows, bear/ turtle banners or where its needed antidotes. Sure for rares maybe step it up a bit, but I’d leave it at that.


Because of certain titans/ bosses causing burn, blind, attk/ def down etc


Thank you! That is very solid advice and I appreciate it!!


I don’t always have a cleanse available, and some of the status effects from bosses are nasty. Plus they’re really cheap.

Please, they are just not worth it. Unless you have a use for Titan parts, just please, NO! Most people just manufacture them as a place to use unwanted iron.

Absolutely agree with @Kilted, small and regular mana pots are worth their weight in cockatoo feathers.


100% agree that buying harpoons is not worth the cost.

Also, I’m guilty of crafting harpoons simply to use up iron. :slightly_smiling_face: