Fated Summons Index

im playing 3 accounts

  1. 4/100 , 5/100 , 91/100
  2. take skadi, take freya, not yet
  3. No and will never spend lol
  4. Nooooo


By the time I rack up enough points to summon something, the two best options for me (currently) could evaporate.

Well, if/when it happens, hopefully I’ll get lucky and there will be something else that fills a pressing need.

yes 1 Tarlak

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They should be changed every 6 months, so next in April

I imagine there will be something there. Presumably, they’ll be one tick stronger/newer than the ones there now. Crossing fingers that something fills a hole for you.

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Instead of changing the whole grid at once, why not just change each one as it’s chosen? “Next man up” as it were.

I’ll play too:

  1. 0/100
  2. Skadi & Poseidon
  3. < $1 per month on average
  4. No
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  • Currently 93/100
  • Tarlak

  • Yes. I spend sometimes (Alliance gifts, discount VIP)
  • Yes. I bought the last discount VIP because I figure it will take me more than a single 10-pull to get Franz next CoK, whenever it returns. :sweat:
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I took Freya first and I’m at 13/100. Most likely it’s gonna flip before I reach the second hundred

Zero spent.


Because it is a way to limit a number of these additional pulls. Otherwise some people would pull every hero in a game in few months. It is only about 50000 pulls…

  • 77/100
  • Freya

and waiting for Springvale to use EHTs, have enough of them to reach next 100.

At this point, I’m reasonably certain to be able to get one of the heroes I want IF the board stays unchanged throughout March.

I just got my first FS summon.

Based on my prior analysis of my roster, I reluctantly passed Ariel over and chose Grazul because my hero roster is Red poor AND she’s better than the best Red healers I have. So eventually, she’ll be part of my mono Red team. Maybe others.

Grazul is solid choice. I did choose Ariel because believe me or not, my blue situation was worse than red with healers (basically nothing but Kiril without single costume), but Grazul would be my 2nd choice.

  • 100/100 Waiting for the next FS
  • No, 0
  • Total 50$
  • No

I have vip

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  1. 75/100
  2. yes. 1
  3. very rare… 3 times/ 3 years (total = 4.99 $ x 3)
  4. no
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Now that I finished Season 5 (with 10 FS qualifying summons completed) it will be interesting to see how long it takes a F2P to get 90 more summons to qualify for FS again.

I’m predicting I won’t get enough to qualify for the next board- the one that supposedly will pop up in April, simply because there’s no way I’m getting that many coins from the specialty drops in that window. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if I qualify before this time next year.

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. 100/100
. Freya, Ariel
. ~$25
. No

I think new season will drop until this time…