Fated Summons Index

24 days later

  • 67/100, After getting Balur I stopped pulling in December, waiting for Valhalla to do a 30-pull and open the portal.
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I am currently binary.



Variable amount each month

  1. 18/100
    The latest decent 5* I got was Aino (prior to her was 1 Silvaria), otherwise, none, no 5* after Costume Krampus. After Aino, prior to Fated Summon, I still pulled about 30 but no 5* came out at all.
    Since Fated Summon starts ticking, I only got 1 Celidana, 1 Balur, and 1st Horghall, yuck!

  2. Yes. 1 - Ariel.
    After first 100 summons, I forgot to refresh, or it’ll be 19/100.
    If this current list is still offered with additional list of heroes instead of refreshing the list, I would love to get Onatel, Poseidon, Ratatoskr, Tarlak, dupe Skadi, in order of preference.

  3. It depends on each month’s real life financial struggle and financial freedom.
    Overall, I’ve spent about 450 USD in the past three years. Thank goodness at one point I cancelled my credit card, or I would’ve spent more.
    This past christmas and prior, I’ve exceeded my E&P limit spending, reaching about 80 USD [POVs, christmas (christmas offers in app but luckily the offers on website didn’t so I didn’t waste money on it), Royal Goblin, offers for sharing with alliance members, and some offers I tend to not remember]

  4. Yes, currently Rudolph offer, 12 days left.
    After this, I’ll have to reconsider because my maxed buildings are almost complete.
    In the past, just paid for certain 1-month VIP deals.

I haven’t had any exciting hero coming out in a long time, not even a decent HOTM.
It’s just a game, so I don’t want games to ruin my financial freedom and make it a struggle. Nothing is gained in real life with paid games.

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20 chars of sadness

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  1. 84/100
  2. Yes (Ariel, Tyr, Ratatoskr, Skadi, Thor)
  3. Yes… I’m too ashamed to say.
  4. VIP is ALWAYS active.

@DrCasey Welcome back I guess?

  1. 31/100
  2. Ariel
  3. No
  4. No
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  1. 48
  2. freya, skadi, tarlak, ratataskr, grazul, seshat
  3. Probably about $200 a month since the start of fated summons, previously was only $20 a month
  4. yes and pov
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1: 100/100
2: Mitzuko, Tarlak, Vela, Thor, Kageburado, Freya
3: sadly too much
4: yes

  1. 79/100
  2. No
  3. Less than $1 a month on avg
  4. Nope. My base has been full built for well over a year
  1. 23
  2. Grazul/Onatel
  3. $42 in 4.5 years - FTP since Nov 2020
  4. No VIP

I only pull until I get the HOTM and had great luck in 2022 and then stopped pulling altogether once I found out about fated summon, so I had a lot of pulls built up even as an FTP.

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  1. 0/100
  2. Yes, onatel
  3. Some
  4. Yes
  1. 49/100
  2. Yes, Ariel
  3. No
  4. No.

Most of my pulls are from coins from seasons I did not complete…


Have grabbed All of em
About 300-400 month

  1. 93
  2. no
  3. $0
  4. no, never have
    I started playing last spring but didn’t find the forums right away and in a quiet simple alliance with similar level folks, but who have been playing longer.
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  1. 2/100
  2. Yes. Only 1 hero: Freya.
  3. Sometimes. Kept it to a minimum at what might be $20? (not in total, but I tend to go after offers no higher than about $4.99)
  4. Nope. Thought about restarting it, but there hasn’t been much incentive to do so, and I’m still curious when SH26 will release.
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  1. 14/100
  2. seshat & squirrel
  3. $15-$20/month (vip,pov & ocassional cheapie deals)
  4. yes
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  1. 15
  2. Freya, Mitsuko
  3. $15 US
  4. no VIP
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