Fated summons II guide

Hey, @Gargon:

I’m posting this to you, but am hopeful that others will see it and use my suggestion.

As a very newish player (three months), it drives me crazy when I look up terms used in the game and find terrific articles filled with a wealth of information about those terms … but there’s absolutely NO explanatory text at the start letting us know what the hell the term means.

That means we not “in the know” haven’t the vaguest idea what on earth is being discussed.

Just now, I’d looked up the term “fated summon” and landed on this, whatever it is.

It sure would help newbs and less-newbish types if every time someone writes about a topic they start with a single sentence defining the the term.

For example, it’d suuure help me and other newbs if your article started “A Fated Summons occurs when you summon a hero and get your 16th copy of the hero who’s a boy with a fish stuck to his head.” (Or whatever; I have no idea what it is and so can’t provide a useful example.)

It’d take just 512 nanoseconds to type a definition not just to help out newbs but perhaps also refresh the memories of more experienced players, and it would even help out people who’re curious about the game and haven’t played it yet. It might just help to tip those folks over into downloading the game (assuming the explanation is tantalizing! :smiling_face:)

Obviously, this is just a request that I hope a lotta useful people (and by “useful,” I mean people like you who take the time and make the effort to create and post an informative article, one that might even be pinned because of its usefulness) will see and heed.

The way things stand now, when I look a term up, close to 90% of the time I hafta make a PDF of the post and store it in my E&P database so that when I finally find out what the term means, I’ll already have one or more documents pertaining to that topic.

As things stand, I’m frequently frustrated (and it’s possible to see my frustration in my various comments on such articles; I pretty much have a macro that types out “Terrific article! I’ll bet that someday when I know what the subject matter is about, I’ll find this article really useful and informative! Thanks for posting it!”

It’s such an easy thing to do to include a single sentence defining the term being described that it’s nearly a crime that people don’t do it.

Please note that this is NOT criticism! When one knows a topic really well, it doesn’t often occur to him to define the terms used. (I know this well myself having written all my adult life. When I was writing tech manuals for Addison-Wesley, I was initially dinged a LOT for using terms without having defined ‘em. Urgh. It doesn’t occur to us that our audience may not know what we’re talking about!)

I hope people will consider my suggestion; it takes nearly no time at all to do, and yet makes articles infinitely more understandable for everyone!

Thanks for reading and considering my suggestion before rejecting it. :grinning: I really and truly value people like you who share your vast knowledge. I just wanna know wat the heck you’re talking about so I can actually use the knowledge. After all, I took the time to search for it, so I want to know what it is you’re trying to help me with!

I appreciate you! :kiss:

PS to the @admin: Would it be alright if I also post this as a stand-alone message to a section where the majority is likely to see it, and if so, which section would you suggest?

Don’t know if this will help, but thought it might be worth a shot.
E&P Jargon Dictionary


Hey, @Engage:

It is useful, though it’s currently a discomboobulated mess. It needs someone to turn it into a proper, readable document. Hmmm; I know someone with a lotta time on her hands, and is a motivated and helpful player. :smiling_face: I’ll try tackling the project myself, I guess, see how people respond to it.

Thanks very much for the pointer; I appreciate it! :kiss:

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You’re faster than the fastest computer in the world :sweat_smile:

Edit: You can find a lot of useful information here: Empires and Puzzles Wiki | Fandom

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I am nothing if not the mistress of understatement! :grinning:

And yes, I’ve been to the wiki many times, but think we ought not hafta keep a second page open for definitions. It’d be much handier to include a brief definition at the top of the article, wouldn’t it?

(I have a brain injury; it affects my short-term memory, and I imagine others have their difficulties as well (early dementia, Parkinson’s, that horrible illness Bruce Willis is suffering from, Lewy Body Dementia, and so forth. For me, it’d mean having to refer to the wiki multiple times while reading the article. It’d be much quicker if I could simply glance up on the article im reading to be reminded what the topic means, Rather than sending people off to a second site to look for definitions, don’tcha think it’d be easier on folks to include the info in the article? Is what I’m asking really a horrible burden and I just can’t see it?) (It wouldn’t be the first time I asked for something unreasonable. :disappointed:)


Ooops! It looks as if some kind soul already cleaned it up and made it useful (and I now remember having seen it before in the Wiki) (thanks to a brain injury, my short-term memory is now measured in milliseconds, so this comes as no surprise to me :confused:).

So I’m off the hook! Please don’t look for a cleaned-up version from me, as it’d be a duplication of effort

If you are missing this “list of definitions” and you have plenty of time to search for the terms, why not creating the definition list yourself? Afterall, think that you will also help others.

And, as you said, “it just takes 512 nanoseconds to write a definition”

Okay; I’m tapping out. I’ve clearly asked for something unreasonable (please forgive me), and obviously can’t create a document of definitions when I don’t know what they are, so as you were. I’m sorry I interrupted.

I’ll leave you folks alone now. Have fun!

Hmm, it is an interesting proposition, but I don´t believe it is feasible. If I explained every E&P specific term I used in this post the original would become easily double the length it already is. Fated summon alone might be quickly explained, but I think it would be the one least important to explain as people looking for information on the subject apparently already know what it means. It is rather more likely that all the other terms used may be unknown to people looking for the subject of fated summons. But then I don´t know which one would be the most unknown terms so I would have to explain them all and that well isn´t in the interest of most people reading this I guess, as they rather get the information they are looking for rather than information they already know.

Instead I believe it is much more feasible to look at the existing lists of terms (some links have already been posted) and potentially update them, if they are not. I personally do not have the time to do that for the foreseeable future as it will most certainly take hours to do that. But if you do have the time it would definitely be a worthwhile occupation helping not only yourself (you´d probably not need the list anymore afterwards) but others as well.

Maybe I should include a link to such a glossary below every post, to make it easier to find? Well let´s say below useful posts at least not all the babbling…

I noticed there’s “costume bonus” info on these heroes on fated summon. What does that mean? Do we really get the costume bonus?

Ah nevermind. That’s just because i turned max power preview on.