Fated summon - your choice(s) POLL

Well… found a couple of heroes that he synergises well with - Matilda and Franz. Both boost the ailment damage. At his 2/50 or so level that take shis damage of 434 and magnifies it to 976. At a base of 990 that should end up in the ball-park of 2200 damage. That will insta kill almost any hero regardless of buffs. Add 2 quality healers to keep everyone alive and you have a random but deadly and fun combination. I will definitely LB2 him as soon as I get all the mats (need tonics, but will reset my Barkley LB2 to make it happen faster once I have the LB1 mats also).

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I have no idea why I described “Frida” as “Frigg”. I know I was thinking about Frigg when I typed Frida.

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I was almost 3 months into 99, I chose Baldur, Now I’m going to manage the 100 summonses for the 166 days left… Very disappointed with this list.
I’m not short of materials, I’m short of heroes.

I will take all the cards starting from the right bottom and move backwards. Then dump all of them in SE next round. I may retain Norms at 3-70 just for Mythic.

I ended up taking this guy. Most important reason is fun, and that the damage he does is a pure number not connected to his % of attack and enemy’s defense. Even the best hitter from this list with the biggest percentage % of hit will just slightly pat today’s heroes in the shoulder with the stats of attack old heroes have, and the crazy defenses near or above 1000 of the new ones. Salmon is the only one in that list that will surely do ~700 clear final damage (without LB) to at least one hero of the opposite team (or more if they have more yellows)…and as a fun bonus he might end up doing that to many more… he is at least fun and different…and super stylish and cute! :joy:


I get people are disappointed… But y’all really need to get over yourself. The free to play crowd are likely to only get 1… Maybe 2 of these heroes if they had a bunch saved…

And all of y’all… All… Would have been ecstatic if you had gotten frigg when she came out… Ditto with frida…


Eh. I’ve always been a bit… eh… about tile-powered, “generally better on defense than offense” heroes. That was my general feeling before I got one of any size, and when I got Odin finally and started trying to use him on offense… yeah.

Sure, back when Frigg was first released I was low enough on new 5* that I would have jumped at even “sweet for my defense,” but… I generally prefer heroes that I can use on offense, or of course both offense and defense, to ones that are more primarily defenders. Only fairly recently do I have enough roster that more specialized heroes seem more interesting to me.


I cant wait to lb2 mine. Here he is at 3/38


1147 final hit? How? Franz plus matilda… Huh…

Yep… at 2lb the hits will be 2.2k+


I have Matilda and Franz… I like using ray and Hathor because both can give mana… but generally I use them with Ludwig… so 6 heroes I want to use but only 5 spots.

I appreciate that you are willing to go where I will not… but man… I cannot see 2x lb the fish.

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To each his own :slight_smile: i find raiding with him super fun… and ultimately fun is the aim of playing a game


Quintin (from SE) can also be combined with Salmon nicely ?

I apologize ahead of time for being annoying, but I wanted to ask some questions to better understand some things. I’m currently a level 40, so I’ve been playing awhile, and I’ve seen some thangs (lol), but I consistently look at these heroes differently than more seasoned players, and figured I’d finally try to find out why.

1- I can obviously see Frida is a solid hero, but why is she the overwhelming “winner”? What is it about her? To me, she is more of a mid range regular hero. 290 to the target and nearby enemies isn’t that impressive for five star (I know there is more than just that to her special).

2- pretty much all the same as #1, but Frigg… lol

3- in comparison, for example, Thorne and Khagan are better than Frida in just about every aspect, and yet they didn’t receive a single vote. Maybe most of you have them already (I know someone mentioned that the poll is skewed because people may have some heroes), but was wondering why that is?

I guess those are my 2 main questions for trying to learn more about the game. Maybe this summons isn’t the best time to ask because it’s a pretty weak batch (or so I’ve read), but this happens to me all the time. The ones I think are the most impressive never line up with the masses. I appreciate any knowledge or guidance given. Thank you!!

PS: Since I’m writing a novel, might as well ask an opinion question lol… since I already have Archie, would I be crazy to skip Frigg (if given the chance to take her down the road… she won’t be my 1st pick no matter what). Thanks again!

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Hi Jimmy, short answer is that Frida is one of the only five blue EDD in the game and 5* EDD is not so easy to pull by chance

You can stack EDD with DD (def-down) e.g. Blue-CGunnar to increase your blue tiles damage to multiple magnitude

Frigg is “fast” green def-down which is quite rare too (but I think she’s too weak in today standard)

You mentioned Thorne and Khagan which are S1 heroes … No one choose them because you can inifitenly have a chance to get them in lv.20 training camp without using any coins


Which Fire hero do you think is the best (and/or rank them from best to worst)?

And let’s say you could use either a Fire or Holy hero the most, would you choose the best Fire hero, or Norns?

Thank you

I probably shouldn’t have assumed that Thorne and Khagan are “better in EVERY aspect” without learning a few things first… smh… I meant based on attack/def/hp numbers and the special skill (at first glance).

Just letting everyone know that I jumped the gun on that opinion… lol

Thank you! I didn’t realize that her special was that rare, very good to know. And great advice on stacking her with someone lie, CGunnar. TBH, I need a crash course on stacking, it’s an aspect of the game that I haven’t fully grasped yet.

And good point about Thorne and Khagan, I knew I it had to do with something regarding how old they were. Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it

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besides EDD and normal defense down, you can also stack “increased damage”. that’s why heroes like Franz are so sought after. it really stacks/compounds the damage