Fated summon (poll)

Onatel will pair very nicely with my matilda. I’ll happily take free mana… Especially in perpetuity.


Thank you. I’m the proud owner of two onatels and currently leveling Matilda so I’ll check how they perform together

After BF, My 1st acc got Freya to pair with WO3K heros and The Pengi, next one may be Onatel or Poseidon as only hv cJoon as yellow 5* atk dmg hero.

2nd acc got Skadi bcoz only hv Glenda as blue 5* atk dmg hero, next one may be Onatel or Poseidon coz only hv Thor and Devana as yellow 5* atk dmg heroes.

Tohouter, so what are you doing here? Relishing the misery of others? I don’t know, but if i don’t like a game, i leave and move on. I would certainly not leave agonising posts. From what i know the game is doing very well, but please add figures if you have them.

As for Fated summons, i am not happy about the choice of heros, there are 3 or 4 i like, but of course, they are not on the same level as the SE heroes and most certainly not the level of Charon who i just pulled, but that’s okay. I would not expect to get heroes like that, but heroe like Tarlak or Freya are perfectly acceptable. Let’s see what SG offers up next time.

I like Onatel as she is my first Hotm. However, I have no emblems for her as there are so many great wizard heroes. Onatel needs emblems and LB to booster her status so that her special could be beneficial.

Does anyone even know of someone (friend, alliance mate, or self) that chose a season 1 hero from the fated summons?

I noticed the classic heroes are at 0% in the poll. If no one ends up taking a season 1 hero from FS the developers should rethink the first row (maybe swap out the S1 legendaries for really good/desirable 4 star heroes like waddles, costume Wilbur, etc). I think elite 4 star heroes would have more of a chance of being taken than the s1 five stars.


That is not the intention. It’s for the people who finish it to take less desirable heroes by force

They’re for whales to take them for the SE


I’m guessing whales already have enough souls to do the next several SE. So first row seems pointless as is.

I’ve got multiple Vivs and her first and second costume, I’d say she’s better than Ariel and the Rat especially as fighter with 50% mana on resurrection.

I’ll take a dupe