Fated Summon, Pick Bera or wait?

I have the fated summon ready and the only hero that calls me bit is Bera. A red or blue hero could also help to roster deep but not interested in current ones.
Is Bera relevant in this days or will you wait till heroes refresh? Only 3 days left, so not a long wait.

This is my current raid defense:

re Bera being relevant, she’s still a decent minion counter. I think she’d be a step up from Clarissa on your defense.

another point though, is how often historically do you get a Fated Summon pull? that is, if you take Bera now, how long would you likely need to wait before you can take another from the refreshed Fated Summon?

you could also wait until just before the Fated Summons refreshes, to see if we will get news on the new Fated Summon list, and then decide.


I you feel that Bera will be useful for you, then take her. You may not have next opportunity to get her for free.

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Im F2P, not sure how long took me to fill the fated summon. I’ve picked Tarlak in past fated portal, so probably I can get one summon each refresh if I’m unlucky ( no 5* in regular summons) and active.
Did SG gave us some info about fated summon before the refresh in the past? That will help with the choice.

Bera is still good yes … but dependant on your roster needs and if you spend …

It’s just a risk … you can snatch her now and get something useful for your play but then the new FS is launched in a few days and something “better” shows up and you are left kicking yourself.

I have been looking over the last few days and there is nothing concrete about what is due to appear in the next FS …. Plenty of speculation about Alfrike making an appearance but that might just be wishful thinking

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I think she’s worth a pick. Personally, I’d wait until the last minute to pull her, just in case you can see the next list


i’m FTP too, very active though. I am able to get a Fated Summon every 3 months, so I’ve been able to pick 2 heroes from each run of FS.

i’m not sure if SG officially did, but we have some players (we call them Oracles) who are able to check the game code and give us predictions.

check this thread out - suggest you follow it,


Seems it’s leaked.

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You have Lord loki? If I have just one shot then I take him… LoLo is must have hero!


I don’t have him, but I’ve a decent blue roster. Looking for purple and red. A better blue for raid defense will be nice too, but not sure defense is where LoLo will show his best.

This is all over Line like a rash today.
No idea if it’s leaked or a fake.
But I am waiting… 3 days


If this is true… Hanna, Alfrike or Bera? LoLo or Morel? Elizabeth? :exploding_head::sweat_smile:
As I’ve said, I need to strengthen purple and red, but a better blue for defense could be an option. Ftm, I’m happy with ElNaddaha and Kullervo in defense and green and yellow are well covered.

  • Bera
  • Hannah
  • Alfrike
  • Lord Loki
  • Morel
  • Elizabeth
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If you have Kullervo in defence, then in purple Bera or Hannah (or Grimble! think about him), no point in getting Alfrike who does mainly the same thing (maybe better, but slower).
In blue, overall, I think LoLo is better, but for def I would prefer Morel.
For red I would also think about Mitsuko or Gefjon. Older ones, but they still have useful skills.

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Go for Bera if you dont have other strong minion summoner…

You need one reliable hp booster and one reliable minion summoner (Bera is) to pass most map lvls which gives you coins to pull newest available heroes…

Very important for small spenders or F2p :slight_smile:

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Already have Grimble lvled, but I only use I’m in raids when needed.
I use most of my gems in S5 portal looking for Hathor ( I’ve a dream :sweat_smile:)
Thanks for your suggestions, will think about it :wink:

I’ve LotL to go thru map stages and most of the challenges (Tarlak, ElNaddaha, LotL, Kingston, C. Yunnan is the mono green I use for this task), my concern is better red/purple and better raid defense.
For minions, Glenda with Clarissa summons minions for all the team, but they are a bit ■■■■■■, so I agree with your opinion.

New list, maybe this is the real one?

It is.


So frida entered the game :sweat_smile:
I’m taking a break from wars, so titans are my best support for my alliance, she will be a great upgrade to my blue mono: (Frida), kiril, bobo, Glenda, jott.


Looking at the new sh*it list I would take Bera. Unless you do not have Frieda.
This is by far the worst and arrogant thing that SG can come up with.

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