Fated sommons

Hello everyone,

As l expect per @Elioty33 our oracle FS list should be renewed at April 6.

We also know hero’s from SE ended up in FS.

My question to you is how would you feel if the hero you picked from SE shows up in FS2.

  • Extremely upset
  • Very upset
  • Natural
  • Somewhat upset
  • Not upset at all

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Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Thank you for your votes


I think the third option should be “neutral” instead of “natural.”

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As a VC2P, I answered not upset at all because 1. SE let me have the hero earlier (I only got Kunchen for 10 souls and Ludwig for 15 souls so far) 2. I am nowhere near being able to pick the 15 non-classic heroes that FS has to offer and even with my roster, there are still a lot of new heroes in there for me.
FYI, I picked two heroes from the current FS so far but I doubt I will make it to a third before it gets renewed in April.

But I can understand this could upset P2W players as they gonna pick everyone from FS so they could have picked a different one during the SE.


Thank you @Igh.

Unfortunately, system does not allow me to edit. So, it going to be “Natural”

Are pulls gonna be reset when the lineup changes? I have a free pull now but I’m not interested in any of the heroes!

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No. The number of heros does not get reset. However once you reach 100, this total is capped. So if you’re at 100 and were to pull 10 more times from various portals, your total will remain at 100.

FYI [Master Discussion] - Fated Summon


Thanks I understand all of that. I am just asking if when they reset the lineup are we going to be reset to 0/100?

Personally it depends. Ariel was in SE and then she was later featured in SE1. We definitely scored with that one, and I had no complaints with that. My biggest thing is that I’m hoping for good/great quality in the heroes featured in SE2.

Like for example, I wouldn’t be mad at Alasie being feature in SE2. I’m blessed to have a Costume Alasie in my list of heroes, but everyone doesn’t have an Alasie or a Costume Alasie, so I figure that’s a great hero to place in SE2.

Now if I saw Captain Kestrel in SE2, I’d feel trolled, and figuratively slapped in the face. I’m not expecting Arco, Lewena, or Milena to be in SE2. But it couldn’t hurt to include heroes like Lady of The Lake, and Raffaele in SE2. Don’t be shy, might as include Aouda in there too.

I feel like a hero that most players would be on board with including for SE2 would be Elradir and if Khiona is going to be included, she might as well receive a long overdue buff, and that’s word to Telluria. Lol.

And while my mind is on green healers, I’m putting in a special request for Heimdall, and Alberich to be added to SE2.

Um … I think I answered your question…

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I would love it! I’ll gladly get ANOTHER Milena! She’s awesome. And …. there were few other that I wish I could have picked, Lewanna Kara the green Gargoyle, a few others. I’d welcome the chance to get those heroes.

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This progression is normal for me. So far Zynga has put some thought into FS to ensure enough viable options for general player population, except probably whales.

They won’t bother with FS or SE unless it’s someone that they would like to have dupes of. That list is probably shorter, much shorter, and would comprise more recent heroes, unless they have their costume, and costume makes that option relevant again.

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I got Lord Loki and Milena from SE. I’d love to get a 2nd copy of thèse 2 heroes… Si If they show UP in FS i’d bé very happy.

And there was so many other Heroes that I couldn’t pick in SE, si there IS no problem for me if they put same heroes in SE and FS…

I find it completely natural and I am also not upset at all :slight_smile:

It´s the natural progression. The older heroes get, the more they loose in value, so moving from SE to FS makes complete sense.

As long as you choose your heroes wisely you make a great deal in SE, no matter if the hero shows up again in FS after. Of course this will be much sooner true for the low value categories, the 20s will probably show up much later in FS than the cheaper ones…

Nope. As a F2P I can get 1 maybe 2 heroes from the set of 15 (I don’t count S1 heroes). If I already have few of them, there are still enough heroes to choose from, so no point to be upset.