Fated Retrain

It’s been 27 retrain since the day I started making them on April 16th and so far no non-Classic Heroes or a Hero Costume, only Classic Heroes. That’s why I propose the Fated Retrain that every 20 retrain on the 20th comes a non-Classic Heroes or Costume Hero, the counter being reset after getting a retrain different from classic heroes. Sorry for the English of the Translator

That would be utterly fantastic. It would be even better if the game would start adding more event and season legendary heroes at a more regular pace. By the time you pull a non season one, it will most likely be outdated or nerfed to he**, ala Boss Wolf.


Yes please - that would be wonderful :pray:


It would be nice but you’d have a legendary conga line waiting for MATs,

One upvote from me, I’m tired of getting same S1 hero’s from
Past two years in HA. This thread needs more support.


:bulb: Great idea, you have my vote !!


20 still a lot… 15 is alredy enought,
keep in mind that each retrain takes 7 days.
15 = 105 days

So, even reducing it to 15, it would be a benefit of only 3 times a year.


You have a good argument

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I’d also like every costume-less S1 Legendary to come with a free hero cap increase. Considering the cost of a retrain, it’d be a consolation prize.

I think that 20 it’s ok because it would make it right the 5% chance. They could reduce the training time to 5 days instead of 7

The community has been proposing a pity counter for HA for a long time


You get my vote since I can understand that a year or more could go by before you do get a non classic hero.

It is a huge investment in food and trainers and time as it is now.

Or they could just raise the pathetic drop rates on good heroes. Ultimately the drop rates will be what makes me stop playing. You should never spend 200 dollars on a video game and still not get what you want. You could buy a used console and a few games to play on it. They have people willing to spend on a stupid phone game and these greedy fools give us is duplicates and 3 star garbage. This game only exists because of a loophole in the gambling laws. Id love this game if you could just buy the character you want, but they are making too much money giving us trash for or cash. Why would they ever change?

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Absolutely that would be wonderfull I’ve been waiting for 3 months. It gives classic hero all the time

That would be super cool.


well i remember the tantrums about AL 10A & 10B charging gems.

i believe if SG implemented this suggestion, we’d see these rants again as i’m positive they would charge gems for HA10. give players what they ask for but make sure it’s profitable, that has been a play SG has played numerous times over the years, i’d be surprised if this wasn’t one of those times.