Fatality Corp looking for active members

We’re looking for active players who want to enjoy both the game and life. We’re seeking members who want to grow with us as we move in a forward direction.

We are an active alliance looking for more members. Come join us as we grow stronger.

We’re a fun, active alliance looking for more members. Must participate in Titans and Wars.

We need fun loving active players to join Fatality Corp. Must be active on Titans and Wars. Some of us are chatty… some of us are not. Just be you and be active. Easy peasy.

Moderator’s Note

Hey there!

Just a quickie note: the #forum-rules only allow one recruiting thread per alliance, but not to worry! If you (or someone else) comments on your existing thread, it’ll bump up to the top of #alliance-recruitment again so everyone can see it. :slight_smile:

Good luck with recruiting!

Hi zephyr1… I didn’t see that in the forum rules otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. Which category is that listed under?

No biggie! And I merged in your other posts so they’d be together. :slight_smile:

More In Answer to Question, collapsing it so it's not a bulky block in your thread

It’s one of the practical applications of rule 8 not allowing duplicate threads. Technically the rule says duplicates will be deleted, but usually mods and staff prefer to merge things instead so they aren’t lost.

Unrelated to rules, it’s actually been my observation that a single thread is a better recruiting strategy anyway.

The forum software heavily favors featuring threads with increased engagement, and people scrolling through the #alliance-recruitment list are also more likely to take note of a thread with a bigger Replies count next to it instead of a big fat 0 like a new thread will have.

You can see that effect in action if you look at view counts and reply counts, like this successful recruiting thread as an example:


If you look at the thread, you’ll notice a lot of the posts are the recruiter bumping it back up over time. That’s helped make it one of the top posts in #alliance-recruitment of all time, and is clearly getting a lot of people to look at it.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Gotcha!! Thanks for helping!!

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