……fat finger!

Is it me?!… or is anyone else experiencing a crazy amount of Fat Finger lately lol?!… ok I get it once in awhile if you aren’t careful but… twice in a single war hit and both would’ve gotten me a color crystal :cry:… like HOW?!?… lmao :sweat_smile:

I fat finger on those birds flying over always. :point_up:


I do this way to often its so annoying.

It happens to me all the time i broke nails to the big thumbs :joy::joy::joy:, it’s like i touch them and no effect

Oh… you were talking about the game play.

Not so much “fat finger”, but just me not paying attention.

I do it all the time when I’m multi tasking… often I play this game on my morning commute or in between sets at the gym lol.

Thank goodness for Autoplay for farming and easy quests

I blame carelessness over 'fat finger" but it’s a real thing for sure.

As long as nobody starts fat finger shaming. Full figure fingers are beautiful too.

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It’s all SG fault!!!