Fastest way to level up heroes?

I farm lvl 12-9 bc it averages 10 trainees each time and gives a lot of loot. It gives me enough to have my 2 lvl 11 farms run nonstop (I think I have 84 days on each of those right now) and my lvl 13 farm has 6 training in it that are potentially 4*

COMPLETELY false. That is the most efficient way to level, not the fastest.

Yes, you get slightly more exp if you feed same colors, but for PURE SPEED, you ought to feed everything to whoever you’re leveling, regardless of color. Got Alasie from 1 to 3/70 in 4 days by throwing everything I had at her. She’s not higher only because I lack scopes.

I am willing to sacrifice the small bit of exp that I lose this way to save me real-world time getting my heroes to a level where they can compete.

I run 2 TC11’s non-stop, have one TC20 running non-stop, and then fill in with TC 2 when I have packs, and TC19 when I don’t.

I’ve been farming 12-9 almost exclusively, since that gives higher level farmable materials and good exp and recruits for only 4 WE.

Edit: Heh, didn’t realize this was a necro’d thread, just one of my hot-button issues.


Still great info anyways. Thanks!

TC19 is only as good as your supply of rugged clothes. Most ppl burn through those in couple days.


As is, what is the best place to expect rugged clothes? (And sharpening stone speaking of level 20)

Isn’t the fastest way doing lots of 10x summons and feed all your double and 3* heroes to heroe? Okay, it costs money…

I’m leveling (or at least i was) using 8.7 for heroes and using level 1 and 2 tc’s.

I prefer to spend gems on world energy and do TC 1 and 2 (preferably 2) to fill with feeders. By running 8-7 and S2 1-10 (hard) I get all the heroes I need. Then for final ascensions I would consider a 10 pull with hopes of a decent hero or HotM and feeders

season2 - 6.9 gives you 15-16 recruits Everytime but it costs 6 energy

Thanks for your input. I’ve been struggling with this.

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I get all my 5* potentials to 3-70 and my 4* potentials to 3.60. Now that I have alot of heros, I only lvl 1 hero at a time will all the feeders. After I find out they are worthy, and have the mats, I powerlevel them through that last stage. I usually have 4 tc 11 running at all times, and I will just let it brew. After I feed them, I keep 1 tc 11 going for storage while my food recoups, and I run 3 tcs with backpacks I saved for that break of not leveling any heros. 2-3 days worth for each camp and can either max the 5*/4* in less than an hour if prepared. If I pull a new 5* hero I wanted, it is enough to get them to 3-70 in a day or 2.


[Directed to players with a hobby budget in game]

Ignore dumb & mislead Warmbloods on the boards

Tip:Backpacks > All

Fact: Recruits is not the resource that slows speeds up deck grow. Farm 8-7 to catch up = your going to get crushed in hero growth in game.

Food is single limiting factor

Run x 2 TC’s & 2x TC11’s forever. ~1.65kk XP a month.

Farm: 1-9 (Hard)
1st TC2 144 Flags 24 hours = 1 TC2
2nd TC2 can spend $80 a month and gem refil 2-3 x’s a day to get a 2nd. Or you can Farm like mad in S2 weekend and do it at a cost of $30 dollars = ~30 Days.
3rd (Possible to run 3x TC2’s at 1 time. = Stupid about of daily XP. But need solid feeding habits to pull it off)

Feeding Habits:
Always feed 2’s to 5’s period; on color preferred
Always feed 1’s to 4’s period; on color preferred

If you really want to use your Rugged. Get 30+ days in 2x TC2’s and the swap a 11 to a 19 and burn Rugged for a few weeks straight hitting 8-7 and gem refilling max out at 150-200 a day. Important: ONLY do this when bulk feeding 4’s 3’s or 2’s up. If your doing this with 5’s or feeding 1’s into 5’d period don’t. Your bleeding food(growth). Then double back and catch up to your TC2 feeders.

12x Months 100 Maxed Hero’s and 21 5 Stars at 3.70.

Channel your inter Dora and go get Backpacks!

(@Counter Reply’s. I can’t type. But before you say I am wrong, “you heard X”, “you think Y”. Go grab a pencil and a paper. Your hero’s would appreciate it)



I’m going to try this. Leveling other TC like you said. Only had 2 running at 11

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Also, once I have a too many heros at my cap (example 155/155 full) just from missions/farming, and I need to feed them…I just feed them to a random hero I may use (3*/4* usually). Eventually after awhile they get up. For example Danzaboru has been getting my “extras”, I do not know if ill max him but hes close to 3-60 already after awhile.

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I just learned I can use my TC,'s as storage too. I’ve already started upgrading after I read your post. Thanks for sharing strategies that are super helpful.

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This helped me alot, thank you! (even though it’s 1,5 years old LOL)

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Still true, even if it’s 1.5 years old. Glad it helped!

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The way I lvl up is I use all extra energy beating the last stage in Province 4 & 5 to collect as many swords & backpacks as possible… When there are no events going on I’ll use ALL my energy, including using World Flasks to collect as many as possible… Then I’ll all 4 TCs to train as many uncommon heroes of whichever color I need… Then, around 5 or 6 pm I’ll switch to the Extra Low Cost Option & train about 8 heroes that way from each TC… So doing it that way, when I get on the 1st time of the day I’ll have roughly 32 cheap heroes to feed to whoever I’m lvling up… Just repeat that process everyday & you’ll have a large stable in no time!!!

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