Fastest way to level up heroes?

With the arrival of the Challenge Events having a wide array of heroes to choose from is even more of a thing. The reflected damage can be a real party pooper if it hits your team’s weak spot. Better have 2-3 heroes of each color to mix and match to build efficient compositions.

Hence the question is - what is the fastest, most efficient way to level up a lot of heroes?

  1. which province to farm for the maximum recruit gain? Is it 8-7 or are there better spots?
  2. which Training Camp options to use? The Uncommon for sure (backpacks), what then? Slow, extra slow, common, rare, fast, element, something else?
  3. is it better to focus on 1 hero and feed him the rainbow or spread the acquired heroes and feed them to their respective color brethren?
  4. any specific tips?

I have 4 camps right now and this is what i want to do:

  • reach lv. 19 with one, so that i can use super fast training on 4* hero that i already have max special
  • already have 2 training camp at lv 13 that i use mostly all day in extra economics.
  • one camp at level 9 that i use to specific color training (to heroes that i have to reach max special)

I mostly farm on zone 8, various level from 4 to 7 and even 9-1.

I personally feed my hero by color, 10x 2* only on who has to upgrade special and 1* only on who already has maxed up.

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For speed of levelling heros you should only feed the same color as they get more exp per hero that way

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Best province for troops is 8-7 as you get 8-10 for 3 energy.
Next best is quest find recruit I but only 1st stage.

I dont see find recuits II on the spreadsheet so I’m not sure how those pan out, although it sometimes includes an epic troop token so I complete the entire quest every time.

I know 8-7 is not as good as it was in say v1.5, but I still use it for goodies and recruits till I discover a better one.

Use the TC levels that best serve you:

  • Have lots of backpacks and swords? You can try a whole bunch of different ones, try TC2/Uncommon for random 1-2*
  • Need 3*? Better have two TC12/Guaranteed Rare or TC13*/Elite running night and day to push out your desired 3*. TC13 has the added chance of 4*; bonus!
  • Need a cheap hero? Try TC11/Extra Low Cost for a food-only hero.

It is true that same color feeding is best for lvling a hero’s stats. There is argument whether same-color or rainbow give better special leveling, which is a different matter. I have used both. Currently, rainbow isn’t doing so well for me.

I don’t actually need any 3* heroes, maybe Brienne, but I don’t much care.

I want to level up my current heroes as fast as possible :smiley: Never a lot of backpacks tho. Sitting on 0-3 usually :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard “fast” is a good option, but is it better than simple “common”? It saves 8 minutes, but is there a way to produce enough recruit to satisfy the demand of “fast”? I wonder if I’m missing something smart, because I can run “fast” for what, an hour? And then I’m all out of the green dudes so I didn’t really gain much there did I :thinking:

I get my backpacks from 5-8.

When I can no longer make heroes from Uncommon, I switch to a days worth of Extra Low Cost. (I don’t do more than a days worth, so I’m not locking up my training camps when I might change my mind.)

I don’t think there is a “right” way to do this, only “what works for you.”

When I have to level heroes fast, I use camps level 11- extra low cost and one for fast and uncommon, when I have swords and backpacks-low cost when not.
I use 10 x same color and when special is maxed, different colors if necessary. I had no problem maxing special on my 4-5* before level 60 using both 1 and 2* of same color.
But I found it harder to max 3* in special, before they are maxed in level and prefere to use 2* for them.


In this thread @Revelate and I explored the various merits of which heroes to train to level up quickly… mostly it was a master class by Rev on how to power level your heroes - good reading and very pertinent to this topic.

I reckon it boils down to:
If you need a special skill to increase, you need to focus on the colour of the hero. For anything else, the most efficient way to level is Tier 1 and 2 training. (Even though it’s not colour-specific, the much faster rate of churning out the fodder means net overall faster levelling of the hero.) You do Tier 2 while you have rucksacks and Tier 1 otherwise… but this presupposes that you can actually drum up enough recruits to feed the machine.

I found I just can’t sustain the recruit rate to keep up a steady supply of the Level 1 and 2 training. If you can, you produce fodder at an awesome rate. As it is I don’t play as often and find myself needing to resort to Extra cheap just because I don’t have enough recruits much of the time.

Really recommend you read the series of posts from the point I linked onwards - some good tips on which map regions to farm as well as how to balance food vs recruits vs energy. All Credit to @Revelate for that information.


Julia, have you expanded your hero cap at all? I’m curious. Thanks!

I do the same as Julia and bought a hero cap once

Well, I cannot sustain the recruit rate either. I get maximum 16-20 per hour of energy (6 points). Kind of hoped people had a better way of farming/utilizing them, but I guess it’s just all slow and that’s how it’s gonna be lol.

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Yes I expanded the hero cap twice :wink:

Rats! adds to my To Do list :grin:

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Hi there one trick i found really great… if you patient enough to get 4 heroes exactly like the one you want to upgrade… then you get 100% chance ( 25 each ) to upgrade there special ability at once… that… added to the upgrade of evolution… easy way to get to the max faster…at least that easy with the 1 and 2*

Why isn’t anyone mentioning the training camps’ level 19? Takes 1 rugged clothes, 500 more ham than level 3 (5500) and only two recruits to produce common heroes In a single minute. That’s my black hole of ham currently. I have no problem finding recruits but have no ham at all times (upgrading my farms as we speak, all of them at level 17 currently, also running double TC-20 queues for those 5* heroes).

Edit: Also, regarding leveling the abilities, I save the same color heroes for twice the chance of leveling. So by getting 10 heroes together and feeding them at the same time, one has 20% chance of reaching a level up. I never had trouble of reaching max level before the last Ascension with any 4* hero I own.


Mostly because it’s a 6 months old topic, methinks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ahh, shucks xD didn’t notice that @Ellilea

All good, the way these forums work (with suggested topics section at the bottom) makes necromancy commonplace here :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been a long time lurker, but decided today was the day I started participating here :slight_smile:

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