Fastest Titan Kill?


Hey all…does anyone have a faster Titan Kill than this? Wow!


I’ve once one-shot a titan in 1 minute (had 30secs spare) … or do 1*s not count :smiley:


Let’s stick with 8’s*! That’s the yardstick to beat! :grin:


Question is what the loot any good? Lol


8 hours 5 minutes on a 10* Onyx is our fastest, couldn’t tell you on sub-10*'s for comparison purposes other than we did 1.8m and change in an hour on this one.

Purple punching bags.

2 of top 3 levelled, top 1 set new records for titan damage both individual hit and aggregate. It was a pretty absurd confluence of events :slight_smile:


The latest record comes from LivLuv of Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy. They killed a 10* with 17 hours to spare!


Sooooo this just happened

Yup that’s a 21 min kill on the 10* Kraken


I can kill a 1 star in a minute and a half

Best that


I’m just trying to get the guys/gals to hit Titans each day, lol. Nice quick kill though!


This is just insane, expecially because it’s a blue titan and requires a lot of coordination (and i guess flasks)


We only had 20 of 30 people hit it too. a couple folks went to the bathroom or had dessert and missed it. :slight_smile:


Or attended a phone call eh @Revelate ?


No question about that, family > most even in my world (we aren’t especially close), and that includes E&P heh.

Just weird timing, not that my wretched hits against a Kraken would’ve made much difference anyhow.