FASTEST heroes for farming 8-7?

Farming can be tedious, especially when each run uses only 3 flags. I have been trying to refine my farming team (especially for 8-7) to take advantage of heroes that hit multiple enemies at once and have fast specials. I tend to run with a near-rainbow team because the advantages of stacking are minimal against weak enemies.

Speaking of 8-7 specifically: there are 4 rounds, the first 3 are blue enemies (3 or 4 per round) and the bosses are two green. My strategy has been to focus on getting through the early rounds quickly by building quick specials to hopefully wipe rounds 2 and 3 with one hit. I run with 2 Li Xiu who can wipe a group of four with her special, as well as fast heroes that hit nearby enemies: Evelynn, Lepus and Tiburtus. Obviously, those heroes can be misused when running auto and only hit 2 out of 4 in the worst case.

I skip having a red hero who could help wipe the bosses faster because of their liability in the early rounds. I consider using Kageburado because the extra fast mana makes a difference when some characters can go runs without firing their special at all.

Which heroes do you use to make your runs faster?

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