Faster use of items

Is there any way to use items faster (just by clicking on arrow icon for example at the lower row but not to have to click their pop-up icon again like on picture below)?

Discaimer: This is just an example, don’t really need arrows at this stage…

no really sometimes those animation kill time, it stinks, specially when doing titans and on events, some people play with two fingers and double tap quick, besides that I do not know

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It’s a mystery to me too. Maybe some of the YouTube names could shed some light on this if you asked them directly? I suspect that some, at least, are running BlueStacks on a PC and have access to both a keyboard and a mouse pointer simultaneously. This wouldn’t work yet on a Mac, as the new (5.x) build has not yet been released for that platform.

More powerful phone is one method

I sometimes use two fingers. I mash between the two buttons until the wave is clearer. I can’t over hit this way.

I’m too uncoordinated to use two fingers. I feel like Homer Simpson on the phone help line. “Your fingers are too stubby, please mash the keypad”. (I don’t have stubby fingers but I am totally right handed to a silly degree).

EDIT: I couldn’t give your answer a like as I’m all out of love for 3 hours.